The CEO’s List of “Must Have” Tools for 2023 Includes the Top New Resources for Executives Who Seek to Create Value

The CEO’s List of Must Have Tools for 2023

Chuck Bolton

CEO Coach Chuck Bolton says, “These are the top books, articles, and resources smart CEOs will be tapping into during their quest to create value in 2023.”

MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA, USA, December 30, 2022 / — Flipping the page to 2023, CEOs find themselves in economic head winds. Inflation, a looming recession, supply chain woes, a labor shortage and the great resignation combine to create treacherous waters to navigate. Despite these challenges, the job of every CEO remains to create value sustainably. Where can CEOs turn for expert advice as they seek to navigate a slowing economy and stay ahead of the competition? The CEO’s List of “Must Have” Tools for 2023.

The CEO’s List of “Must Have” Tools for 2023, includes the top new studies, books, articles, apps and resources for CEOs seeking to create value in an uncertain world, has just been released by CEO Coach, Chuck Bolton, founder of The Bolton Group LLC.

Bolton states, “Every CEO must lead themselves and become better as a person and a leader. That is a very tough job, to lead oneself. Additionally, every CEO has a responsibility to set the direction for the organization, optimize their top team, align and mobilize others to execute, and guide stakeholders to build a thriving enterprise.”

The CEO’s List of “Must Have” Tools for 2023 covers:

• The six priorities for CEOs in turbulent times
• Leading through inflation
• The mindsets that distinguish the best CEOs from the rest
• A self-assessment to measure effectiveness on the execution of six key responsibilities of every CEO
• A guide of fifty-seven value-creating practices CEOs can deploy
• The state of women in corporate America
• How to make diversity and inclusivity a priority
• Techniques to create trust and commitment within the top team
• How to disintegrate and remake company culture
• A teachable, repeatable and scalable method to beat startups at their own game and drive meaningful growth
• How aspiring CEOs can best prepare themselves for the CEO role
• How to renew energy, lower stress and anxiety

Bolton says, “The job of CEO is to create sustainable value for stakeholders. As the biggest value creator at the company, what the CEO controls accounts for up to 45% of company performance. As business conditions become more volatile, the CEO’s leadership becomes even more important. The CEO’s List of “Must Have” Tools for 2023 will help CEOs create value in this uncertain world.”

Bolton continues, “If CEOs aren’t getting better, they are getting worse. Every CEO has blind spots. This list will help CEOs get better. When the CEO gets better, everyone around the CEO gets better.”

Bolton concludes, “Check out each of the tools on the list, try them on and become a better CEO this coming year.”

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