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  • Mukesh Sharma, Founder of CryptoMize Strengthens Political Service Prowess with AI - ML and Predictive Analysis
    on February 5, 2023 at 2:30 am

    Mukesh Sharma with Queen Diambi Mukesh Sharma with Zambian Politician Mukesh Sharma, CryptoMize is all set to further strengthen the Political Services with NLP, AI-ML Technology and Predictive Analysis altogether. DELHI, DELHI, INDIA, February 5, 2023 / -- CryptoMize has super-powered its political services using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies to provide a Predictive Analysis for Politicians, Political Parties, Governments, and State and Country-Level Political Campaigning. The company, operating in 30+ countries, is all set to offer clients comprehensive and newly invented technology and solutions under Political Services. It will provide a platform to clients with an accurate analysis of the situation and improved decision-making capabilities that will be a helping hand to win elections. CryptoMize has transformed itself into an advanced platform that provides innovative technology solutions in the field of Political Services. The re-invention is being imposed by Political Strategist, Mr. Mukesh Sharma with a vision to bring a massive transformation in how political campaigning is carried out. The company has already developed its process and strategy per recent technological advancements. He has achieved quite a lot in the past and is also set to provide his expertise in other countries for the company's benefit. This is mainly because he has been in the business for several years and has gained immense knowledge about these services. The company's CEO has been instrumental in expanding the service’s reach across several continents worldwide, and his efforts have been successful in many ways. “We have been working on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Predictive Analysis for a while. The team is highly committed to strengthening the Political Services Capabilities and Horizon with an effective combination of various advanced and latest technologies under the hood. As the company is already working on Big Data Mining, it is necessary to impose a structure that will benefit our clients in the future and us. Our team is always on its toes to gather data around the world and connect the dots so that our clients will have winning chances with more percentage.” -Dr. Jyoti, COO at CryptoMize Mukesh Sharma, head of CryptoMize, explained that this technology would provide political parties and politicians with a detailed analysis of their past performance, current status, and how their opponents are performing. It will also provide them with a clear picture of their chances of winning the elections. All these proprietary tools are specifically designed to help governments in their day-to-day activities. The platform is now capable of yielding valuable insights diversely by additionally exploring the recent social and search media trends, updates, and buzz underway. With the recent advancement in Political Technology, he has the most customized and comprehensive arsenal and effective strategy for executing political campaigns of all kinds. The services provided are specifically designed to meet the needs of Candidates, Political Organizations, and Associations in all areas of the country. It also includes Political Strategy, Voter Contact Plan, Research and Analytics on Voter Issues and Needs, Constituency Profeleration, Demography Derivation, and Candidate Profiling for both the client and competition based on various parameters. The company CryptoMize is among India's Best Political Services Providers. It has been providing customized and comprehensive Political Technology for Political Campaigns of all scales for almost a decade. The company has served several major Political Parties, Organizations, Leaders and Candidates, including Presidential Campaigns, Prime Ministerial Elections, and more. Political Catalysis is a unified solution that helps strategize the campaign from start to end. It has a clustered set of super services such as Voter Engagement, Election Campaign Management System, Election Analytics and Demography Derivation, Constituency Proliferation, Party Propulsion, and Political Consultancy. Each service has been evolving over time and has been designed and developed keeping in mind the client's specific requirements for effective campaigning. Formerly known as Political Services, the rebranding is an attempt to align its political services with its vision to have a more holistic approach toward making politics accessible to all. About CryptoMizeCryptoMize is a Digital Conglomerate with a presence in 3 Continents, evolving over a decade, having served elite clients such as Governments, Politicians, MNCs, Celebrities, and HNIs in 30+ Countries, offering them a full spectrum of customized premium services derived from preemptive analysis and strategic planning. The services include Perception Perfection, Promotional Parlance, Public Relations, Policing Phronesis, Privacy Enforcement, and Political Catalysis.CryptoMize CryptoMize + +91 99994 55667 email us here Visit us on social media: Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Instagram

  • QtPi Robotics Partners EduGate International for STEM education Qatar
    on February 4, 2023 at 4:09 pm

    (2nd Left to Right: EduGate International Mr. Kawther Musthafa, Mr. Abdul Rahuman; Dr. C.N. Ashwath Narayan Minister of Skill Development, Entrepreneurship and Livelihood of Karnataka; QtPi Co-founders Mr. Anto Jerlin, Mr. Raghunath Babu Are) QtPi robotics signs a partnership with EduGate International for Qatar operations to provide quality STEM education to kids of 6+ age through B2C and B2B. BANGALORE, KARNATAKA, INDIA, February 4, 2023 / -- QtPi Robotics is an educational organisation that provides STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) education in Qatar with partner EduGate International to offer structured training courses in Robotics, Coding and AI internationally to develop 6+ age skills and knowledge in these fields. The strategic move aimed at international expansion was formalised in Nov 2022 with the inking of an MoC (Memorandum of Corporation) between QtPi and EduGate International. This collaboration aims to promote STEM education and inspire the next generation of students. The MoC was signed in Bangalore by Mr. Jaison Leon, Co-founder on behalf of QTPI and by Eng. Abdul Rahuman, Founder / Chairman, EduGate International. QtPi Robotics was founded in 2016 by tech enthusiast of former employees of Microsoft, Yahoo!, Oracle, & alumnus of IISc Bengaluru to K12 students’ future if equipped with the right skills and technology. An indigenous kids-friendly robotic kit and co-creation platform where kids can build 21st-century skills to foster their higher-order cognitive capacities, computational thinking skills, and numeracy through the QtSchool Program.With over 30,000 students enrolled, QtPi’s goal is to create self-reliant innovators who can tackle community problems that are both technical and societal in nature. Eng. Abdul Rahuman is a visionary educationist and an accomplished entrepreneur from Sri Lanka. The BCAS Campus is founded by Eng.A.Rahuman in 1999 is currently one of the top five higher educational institutions in Sri Lanka. It offers courses from foundation to master’s level programmes in the wider spectrum of fields in Computing, Engineering, Health Science, Business Management, Construction Studies, Cyber Security, Legal studies, etc. BCAS Campus counts 22+ years of experience in equipping potential students by offering industry demanded higher education partnering with reputed UK universities and international awarding bodies. As a further strategic move to go international, EduGate International was founded by Eng. Abdul Rahuman. EduGate’s operations are now being activated in the UK, Qatar, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Maldives, etc. Eng. Abdul Rahuman has received many local and international awards in recognition of his noteworthy contribution by creating and making available innovate learning opportunities to aspiring youths. Aryabhatta Award is one amongst them he received in Bangalore, India for his substantial contribution in education. Structured Robotic Programme has already been launched in Qatar. The uniqueness of the programme is its exclusive content and training methodology employed. These features have already evinced an overwhelming interest among parents and institutions in Qatar. With this success achieved in Qatar, QTPI – Edu Gate tie-up hopes to produce Robotic Experts in other international territories too in the coming months.Santosh Avvannavar QtPi Robotics +91 70226 45361 Visit us on social media: Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Instagram YouTube

  • Hardee's proves Ai CAN’T do everything with #unAimaginable experiment
    on February 4, 2023 at 11:25 am

    Hardee's Super Star Burger imagined by AI image making tool DALL-E Hardee's Super Star Burger imagined by AI image making tool DALL-E Original Hardee's Super Star Burger Hardee's latest ad campaign proves Ai CAN’T do everything just when the collective angst is that Ai is SO good it's going to take over and steal jobs! This is a message everyone needs to hear right now – that it’s OK, take a breath, ‘Ai isn’t coming for you just yet’.”— Hussein Kandil – Hardee’s Regional Marketing Director MENADUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, February 4, 2023 / -- Everyone right now is going crazy about how good Ai is and its capability. Industry leaders, tech leaders, celebrities, and every single news channel in the world are all talking about Ai right now… because with Chatbot GPT and DALL:E, Ai just went up a level. This moment has been compared to the “invention of the Guttenberg press” or “invention of Photography” by many thought leaders. But, after the initial awe about what these tools’ could do subsided, a collective angst has developed. People feel threatened that Ai is becoming so good, it could impact everything from jobs, to life as we know it. So, Hardee’s along with marketing agency And Us, decided to put Ai to the test to see just how good it really is, see if it was the genius everyone purports to be - and whether there’s any way to alleviate everyone’s anxiety about it. Using Open Ai’s image making tool DALL:E, they prompted it to “imagine Hardee’s SUPER STAR burger”. What came back was an array of weird, wacky, surreal, completely wild creations – amazing, near misses, beautiful images, but crucially – not one was a 100% correct image of a SUPER STAR burger. So, they pushed it more with other prompts including giving the full recipe. But it still couldn’t nail a SUPER STAR burger down, in over 10,000 attempts. They then made a campaign from the resulting images of all the mistakes Ai generated. Posts and a video showing the fuller experiment were released across social media with an encouraging message to remind people that Ai isn’t perfect, so don’t worry right now”. “The campaign rides on the hot topic of the hour, for people in the region and around the world. This is a message everyone needs to hear right now – that it’s OK, take a breath, ‘Ai isn’t coming for you just yet’. And if we can make this much needed message with the help of a delicious Hardee’s Super Star burger, then all the better.” Hussein Kandil – Hardee’s Regional Marketing Director MENA “We acted fast to bring a tongue-in-cheek message of hope in the moment people needed it the most, heading into a new year, with the spectre of Ai hanging over us all. It was the perfect time to show not what it can do, but what it can’t. Each image Ai generated therefore became an eye-catching reminder (and proof) that Ai isn’t quite there yet.” Jamie Kennaway – Executive Creative Director, And Us. “The response has been dramatic, and we have clearly struck a chord with people. It’s a brave new world, and while thought leaders are still figuring out the implications of Ai, as a brand we’re happy to lead with a message to make everyone feel just a little better. A message to come enjoy a real flame grilled Super Star, safe in the knowledge Ai isn’t going to take over everything. Well just now anyway.” Justin Hunter: Hardee’s Senior Marketing ManagerRob Hall ‿ and us email us here

  • iUrban Teen Goes to the Theatre
    on February 4, 2023 at 9:54 am

    STEM+Arts Organization and Portland Center Stage offers teens a behind-the-scenes look at the dramatic arts VANCOUVER, WA, USA, February 4, 2023 / -- iUrban Teen will launch their new iMusic program that will expose youth to music production, digital creation and also teach youth to understand how math is embedded into music. iUrban Teen will kick off this initiative by visiting Portland Center Stage theater in Downtown Portland on February 19 for an up-close look at theatre production, on stage and behind the scenes. Middle school and high school students ages 13-18 will meet actors and audio and visual artists, and learn about careers in the dramatic arts. The afternoon will uncover how the cast and crew collaborate to prepare the sound, stage, and costumes to make a successful live production, and conclude with the evening performance of the play, “Young Americans.” “Young Americans” is an intimate, music-led comedy that veers back and forth in time, offering a fresh look at a U.S. road trip through the lens of the immigrant experience. The play explores what home and belonging mean to those in transition. Registration is free and dinner is included. For more information and to register, visit Bowman-Johnson iUrban Teen +1 281-795-0702 email us here Visit us on social media: Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Instagram YouTube

  • Tape Storage Market Report 2023- 2028, Size, Share, Growth, Industry Analysis, Trends and Forecast
    on February 4, 2023 at 5:58 am

    The global tape storage market size reached US$ 7.5 Billion in 2022. By 2028, It will reach US$ 11.5 Billion, exhibiting a CAGR of 7.1% during 2023-2028. SHERIDAN, WYOMING, USA, February 3, 2023 / -- According to the latest report by IMARC Group, titled, “Tape Storage Market: Global Industry Trends, Share, Size, Growth, Opportunity and Forecast 2023-2028″, The global tape storage market reached a value of US$ 7.5 Billion in 2022. Looking forward, IMARC Group expects the market to reach US$ 11.5 Billion by 2028, exhibiting a CAGR of 7.1% during 2023-2028. Tape storage represents a device that records and stores computer data on a magnetic tape for archiving and backup purposes. It mainly comprises of two components, including tape cartridges and tape vaults. Tape storage systems record information on a loop of flexible celluloid-like material, which can be erased or read depending on the requirement. They are extremely cost-efficient as compared to solid-state drives (SSDs) and offer multiple benefits, which include longevity, durability, energy efficiency, and scalability. As a result, tape storage solutions find extensive applications across numerous sectors, such as information technology (IT), telecommunication, banking, media and entertainment, healthcare, oil and gas, government and defense, etc. Tape Storage Market Trends The growing volume of human and machine-generated data and the shifting preferences from paper-based data toward computerized data are among the key factors driving the tape storage market. In addition to this, the increasing employment of the devices by large enterprises for high-capacity data backup and the inflating investments by leading market players in research and development (R&D) activities for developing advanced high-storage data cartridges are acting as significant growth-inducing factors. Apart from this, the expanding digitization and industrialization and the elevating traction of high-definition 4K and 8K videos, the internet of things or IoT, and artificial intelligence or AI-based big-data analysis is further stimulating the market growth. Besides this, the escalating utilization of the product in the defense segment for securing sensitive data offline and for offline backup during system failure is expected to propel the tape storage market over the forecasted period. Request Free Sample Report: Competitive Landscape: The competitive landscape of the tape storage market has been studied in the report with the detailed profiles of the key players operating in the market. Dell Technologies Inc., FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation, Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company, International Business Machines Corporation, Lenovo Group Limited, Oracle Corporation, Overland-Tandberg, QStar Technologies Inc., Qualstar Corporation, Quantum Corporation and Spectra Logic Corporation. The report has segmented the market on the based on component, technology, capacity, use case, end use and industry vertical. Breakup by Component: Tape Cartridges Tape Vault Breakup by Technology: LTO-1 to LTO-5 LTO-6 LTO-7 LTO-8 LTO-9 DDS-1 DDS-2 DDS-3 DDS-4 DLT IV Breakup by Capacity: Less Than 1 TB 1 TB to 200 TB 201 TB to 999 TB 1 PB to 100 PB More Than 100 PB Breakup by Use Case: Backup Archiving Breakup by End Use: Data Centers Cloud Providers Enterprises Breakup by Industry Vertical: IT and Telecommunication BFSI Media and Entertainment Healthcare Oil and Gas Government and Defense Breakup by Region: North America:(United States, Canada Asia-Pacific:(China, Japan, India, South Korea, Australia, Indonesia,Others) Europe: (Germany, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Russia,Others) Latin America;(Brazil,Mexico, Others) Middle East and Africa Key highlights of the report: Market Performance (2017-2022) Market Outlook (2023- 2028) Porter’s Five Forces Analysis Market Drivers and Success Factors SWOT Analysis Value Chain Comprehensive Mapping of the Competitive Landscape If you need specific information that is not currently within the scope of the report, we can provide it to you as a part of the customization Other Reports By IMARC Group: Global Recombinant Protein Market Report- Global self storage market- Global Packaged Food Market Report- Global Asset Performance Management Market- Global Dental Imaging Market Report- About Us IMARC Group is a leading market research company that offers management strategy and market research worldwide. We partner with clients in all sectors and regions to identify their highest-value opportunities, address their most critical challenges, and transform their businesses. IMARC’s information products include major market, scientific, economic and technological developments for business leaders in pharmaceutical, industrial, and high technology organizations. Market forecasts and industry analysis for biotechnology, advanced materials, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, travel and tourism, nanotechnology and novel processing methods are at the top of the company’s expertise.Anand Ranjan IMARC Services Private Limited +1 6317911145 email us here