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Cyber Security Analyst






Journal of Cyber Policy is a cyber security analyst site, among other things. In this role, we publish a cyber security research archive that indexes hundreds of reports on numerous cyber security research topics. We also review books that deal with cyber security and related issues. Some useful links are also contained below.

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The Role of the Cyber Security Analyst

The term “Cyber Security Analyst” has at least two definitions. One refers to a person who works in a cyber security department or SecOps group. He or she analyzes threats, vulnerabilities, incidents and so forth to determine the best course of action in response. In some cases, the best response is to ignore the issue. However, cyber security analysts can be critical to effective risk mitigation processes. They are often on task to initiate and follow through on incident response workflows.

The other kind of cyber security analyst is a person, or group, that analyzes the state of cybersecurity. This is the role we play. We curate news and research about the cyber security industry. We research and publish articles about trends in cybersecurity along with profiles of security vendors and more.

We are also analysts of cyber security as it relates to the law, public policy, national security and compliance. As we, and hopefully others, are seeing, cybersecurity is a field that touches on many more areas of life than computers and networks. Cyber security affects consumers, government, media, business and on and on.


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