Cyber Security Definition and Market Size

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Cyber Security Definition and Market Size

The question “How big is the cyber security market?” begs the question of what comprises the market? Estimate as to the dollar value of the cybersecurity market vary greatly. The variances are only partly due to differences in assumptions about spending and growth. To arrive at a meaningful market size, it is first necessary to establish a workable cyber security definition. This is getting increasingly difficult to do.

cyber security definitionA good cyber security definition would be as complete as possible without adding too many extraneous types of IT work. One way of getting at a cyber security definition is to make a list of all products and services purchased for the purpose of cyber security. For example, you could include firewall sales along with firewall configuration services. This is a relatively good approach to defining cyber security, but it has several drawbacks.

Cybersecurity extends far beyond products and services that are specifically related to security. For instance, if the infrastructure management department is responsible for testing and installing operating system patches, is that security or IT? It’s both, really. IT operations is frequently on task to perform the work of cybersecurity. A security analyst might identify a problem, like an unpatched server, but IT ops does the security work.

Limiting the cyber security definition simply to products and services that have the word “security” in them ignores the expansion of activities that affect security. Passport control systems at airports might not be considered relevant to cybersecurity. However, fake passports, or people who know how to fake out such systems, could have an impact on a nation’s broader cybersecurity posture.

Going further, given how so many areas of modern life now revolve around digital technology—and are thus vulnerable to cyber attacks—is there any subject that’s off limits to cyber security? Take toys. Are toys a cybersecurity issue? Yes, they are, if you take a hard look at how many toys are digital and connected to home Wi-Fi networks.

The cyber security market is vast. As technology evolves and we understand its risks better, the cyber security definition grows in scope. Defining cybersecurity promises to be a never-ending task.