Historic family jewelry firm sees modernization at the hands of younger generation

Jewelers pivot focus to functional and fashion-forward designs

HONG KONG, HONG KONG, HONG KONG, December 30, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — For decades, the family of Ken Sze, Ryan Leung, and Seth Chan have created truly unique jewelry for clients who want beautiful pieces that no one else has. The family of artisans got their start in the jewelry business as designers of bespoke, one-of-a-kind pieces for clients with a discerning eye. Now, the family’s younger generation has expanded the jewelry business into a modern vision, Lovfor Wellness Jewelry, which fuses their reputation for craftsmanship with the functionality that their clientele craves.

“With our family’s long history in the jewelry business, we know that many clients see jewelry as meditational, in a way,” explains Seth Chan, VP of Lovfor Wellness Jewelry. “When they wear their grandmother’s ring, they think about their family member, the love they had for them, the memories from when they were younger and in many cases they reflect on how generations of people have worn the item and it brings them a sense of continuity and calm. It lets them forget their present concerns. The jewelry pieces that we now create are designed to do the same thing. The fidget and spinner rings provide a way to occupy the body so that the mind can focus. The theme jewelry that we create, such as the celestial fidget ring, which features .925 sterling silver and all of the zodiac signs along with several astrological symbols entrances the wearer with its unique beauty and multiple spinning parts. While fidgeting and spinning the intricate design, the wearer ponders the stars, the universe, the path they have been on and the plans that fate has in store for them in the future. In that way, our modern jewelry gives our clients the same sense of peace that generations of our clients have enjoyed.”

Along with reducing anxiety and encouraging a sense of calm, Lovfor Wellness Jewelry is also meant to stand out as a beautiful piece of jewelry in their own right. Having learned the business from their parents, the family’s younger generation has been taught to value quality artistry.

The entire collection is nickel-free and all metals are ethically-mined. All of the collection’s yellow and white gold, rhodium and palladium are plated with five layers of plating rather than the industry standard of two layers. This higher level of quality is similar to well known European jewelry brands but is offered at an accessible price point. To confirm the quality and plating of Lovfor Wellness Jewelry, pieces are tested in an independent third-party lab. This extra attention to detail allows clients to not only admire the jewelry, but also interact with it knowing that they won’t tarnish or ruin the finish of the rings or necklaces.

“We know that heirloom jewelry presents challenges. Firstly, the items can be very costly and out of reach for most. Secondly, heirloom pieces are fragile and have to be handled with care. Our fidget rings, spinners, and other unique pieces offer the same luxury experience at an affordable price point while also being durable. Our jewelry is meant to be touched and handled on a daily basis,” explains Chan.

The passion and dedication of Ken Sze, one of the visionary founders of Lovfor, is obvious in every design. Thanks to the craftsmanship, skills, and values imparted to him by his goldsmith parents, and as a result of his high tech career as a Google engineer, Lovfor creates world-class specialty jewelry with sophisticated designs and a unique structure. The combination of traditional values and modern technical skills enables Lovfor to push the boundaries of function, wearability, and beauty.

To view the high-quality, unique and fun fidget rings, or to see the entire collection of jewelry, visit https://lovfor.com.

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