New Browser Extension Hoverflow Revolutionizes How We Browse Wikis and the Web

Nested Preview Tooltips on Wikipedia.

Moonstop Software Ltd releases, a browser extension that allows any hyperlink to be instantly previewed inside a tooltip just by hovering.

Suddenly, getting into Wikipedia rabbit holes became a hell of a lot easier to manage.”

— A Chrome User Review

UNITED KINGDOM, December 31, 2022 / — Moonstop Software Ltd is proud to announce the release of Hoverflow, a revolutionary new browser extension that changes the way we browse wikis, docs, and the web.

With Hoverflow, users can instantly preview any hyperlink inside a tooltip simply by hovering their cursor over it. But that’s not all – links inside that tooltip can also be previewed, a nested behaviour that allows for an unprecedented level of focus and flow. No longer will users have to open multiple tabs or windows to see what each link contains – with Hoverflow, all the information is right at their fingertips.

Hoverflow is available for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge, making it accessible to a wide range of users. It is not just for casual browsing – it is also an invaluable tool for developers who need to read API documentation and maintain focus and flow while working. By eliminating the need to constantly switch between tabs and loading the faster mobile version of websites, Hoverflow allows developers to stay in the zone and get more done in less time.

But the benefits of Hoverflow extend beyond the workplace. It is a powerful tool for anyone looking to streamline their browsing experience and reduce distractions. Whether you’re a student, a professional, or just someone who enjoys browsing Wikipedia, Hoverflow is the ultimate tool for maximizing and maintaining flow.

“I was inspired by the nested tooltips in strategy game Crusader Kings 3 (Paradox Interactive), and worked hard to create a tool that makes browsing wikis and docs more flow-enhancing and enjoyable, especially for developers who rely on API documentation in their work. We believe Hoverflow has the potential to change the way people navigate the internet.” said Moonstop Software’s founder, Thomas Kilsby.

Hoverflow is now available for install on the Chrome, Firefox and Edge web stores. Try it out free and experience the future of browsing today!

Thomas Kilsby
Moonstop Software Ltd
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