Launch Cart Empowers Nonprofits with FREE Lifelong Access to eCom Scale Plan

Elevate your online business effortlessly with Launch Cart – the epitome of seamless e-commerce. Empowering growth, simplicity, and success.

Launch Cart simplifies the launch of businesses for entrepreneurs with its freemium model for on-demand solutions in sourcing and selling products online.

As CEO of Launch Cart, Greg Writer is on a mission to make eCommerce, product sourcing, and fulfillment simple and affordable for entrepreneurs & merchants worldwide.

Percy ‘Master P’ Miller, known for his successful ventures in food products and entertainment, is Chairman of The Board for Launch Cart. This leading technology company offers an alternative to Shopify.

Groundbreaking Initiative Fuels Evergreen Fundraising and Alleviates Financial Burden

Guiding nonprofits and startups through digital growth, Launch Cart stands as a beacon of support in the ever-evolving entrepreneurial landscape.”

— Greg Writer, CEO and Founder of Launch Cart

ESCONDIDO, CA, UNITED STATES, January 2, 2024 / — Launch Cart, a prominent on-demand eCommerce platform, is breaking new ground in empowerment by unveiling a pioneering initiative. The company has announced its commitment to providing nonprofit organizations lifetime access to its highly esteemed eCom Scale plan, expressing gratitude to a community dedicated to selfless service.

Widely recognized for its seamless eCommerce execution and user-friendly interface, Launch Cart is the preferred platform for individuals and entities venturing into the eCommerce domain. Specializing in print-on-demand and drop shipping integrations, which enable users to launch and grow their ventures without concerns about upfront inventory investments or fulfillment, embodying the essence of ​the modern entrepreneurial spirit.

The initiative underscores Launch Cart’s steadfast commitment to acknowledge nonprofits and extend a helping hand in building their digital prowess, paving the way toward financial freedom. Launch Cart ​offers complimentary access to the eCom Scale plan, a premium service valued at $297 monthly, for nonprofits registered as 501(c)3 organizations—an initiative designed to relieve financial burdens while enhancing their online presence.

Greg Writer, the CEO and Founder, shared that on Memorial Day, he felt the Lord had given him this directive to offer free accounts for life to all nonprofits, churches, and veterans. “Whether you are a nonprofit seeking digital tools for growth or a startup turning an idea into a product, Launch Cart is committed to being there every step of the way. In its mission to foster entrepreneurial spirit among nonprofits, Launch Cart stands as a beacon of support in an ever-evolving digital landscape.”

Three-Fold Solution for Nonprofits

Cost Savings: The eCom Scale plan, at a monthly cost of $297 a month, is typically beyond the operational expenses capacity of nonprofits and now comes free of charge. This enables nonprofits to redirect funds ​toward their primary mission and programs, alleviating concerns about costly platform fees.

Enhanced Online Evergreen Fundraising Opportunities: With advanced features provided by the eCom Scale plan, nonprofits can significantly improve their online presence and enhance the overall experience for supporters. With Launch Carts access to a catalog of products that can be sold without upfront inventory costs, the platform serves as a great ‘evergreen” fundraising program. Engaging more patrons, nonprofits stand to bolster fundraising efforts, tapping into extended audiences​, and maximizing impact.

Streamlined Operations and Mission-Focused Endeavors: The eCom Scale plan offers efficient functionalities, including inventory management, order processing, and analytics. This streamlines the task of running an e-commerce venture, allowing nonprofits to reduce administrative burdens and focus energy on their core purpose and programs.

Launch Cart’s Chairman of the Board, Percy ‘Master P’ Miller, beautifully articulated the company’s commitment, stating, “At Launch Cart, we acknowledge the unparalleled commitment and sacrifices nonprofits make. This initiative is a token of our appreciation and a testament to our belief in their entrepreneurial potential. We are committed to providing them with the tools and support necessary to thrive in the ever-evolving e-commerce and digital marketplace.”

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About Launch Cart: Launch Cart is an on-demand e-commerce platform renowned for its seamless execution and user-friendly interface. Specializing in print-on-demand services, Launch Cart empowers individuals and entities in the e-commerce domain, allowing them to grow their ventures without concerns about upfront inventory investments or fulfillment. The company’s commitment to supporting nonprofits is evident in its groundbreaking initiative, providing them with lifelong access to the eCom Scale plan. This initiative reflects Launch Cart’s dedication to fueling the entrepreneurial potential in nonprofits and contributing to their success in the digital marketplace.

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