Launch Cart, Inc. Announces Letter of Intent to Acquire Exchange Collective, Inc.

Launch Cart is an all-in-one solution to make, scale, and manage an store. Business owners can create and organize an online store, sell in numerous currencies and countries, and manage customers, products, inventory, payments, and shipping with the platform.

Elevate your eCommerce game! Launch Carts’ robust platform and Exchange Collective’s cutting-edge tech unite to revolutionize . A game-changer for Brands, Manufacturers, and Sellers, offering an innovative approach to boost sales for businesses of all sizes.

Percy ‘Master P’ Miller, known for his successful ventures in food products and entertainment, is Chairman of The Board for Launch Cart. This leading technology company offers an alternative to Shopify.

As CEO of Launch Cart, Greg Writer is on a mission to make eCommerce, product sourcing, and fulfillment simple and affordable for entrepreneurs & merchants worldwide.

The merger will evolutionize dropshipping with ‘On-Demand eCommerce’ through cutting-edge technology integration.

Revolutionizing dropshipping, we introduce ‘On-Demand eCommerce’ to empower global entrepreneurs with name-brand products and efficient banking, disrupting the $221B eCommerce dropshipping sector.”

— Greg Writer, CEO of Launch Cart

ESCONDIDO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, November 29, 2023 / — Launch Cart, Inc., a leading eCommerce and digital marketing SaaS platform, today announced a Letter of Intent to acquire 100% of Exchange Collective, Inc. This strategic move, finalized on November 27th, 2023, marks a major advancement in the eCommerce sector, particularly in the area of dropshipping. The definitive acquisition agreement is expected to be finalized by January 31st, 2024.

The collaboration between Launch Cart, Inc. (LC), Celebrity Lifestyle Brands, Inc. (CLB), and Exchange Collective, Inc. (EC) aims to create a synergistic relationship, boosting business potential and technology integration. Post-acquisition, Exchange Collective will continue its operations as a wholly owned subsidiary of Launch Cart.

Greg Writer, CEO of Launch Cart, commented on the acquisition: “This move is about disrupting the traditional dropshipping vertical and introducing what we call ‘On-Demand eCommerce’ solutions. We aim to empower entrepreneurs globally by providing access to name-brand products and banking efficiency that will benefit both sides of the equation. Integrating the respective technologies is crucial to disrupting the $221 billion dropshipping verticals in eCommerce worldwide. (source: Vantage Market Research)

Dave Pankratz, CEO of Exchange Collective, expressed his enthusiasm: “Joining forces with Launch Cart is a transformative step for us. The synergy of our combined technologies will enable us to offer unparalleled solutions in direct-to-consumer retail and marketing for brands, manufacturers, and sellers globally, paving the way for new business innovations and growth.”

Celebrity Lifestyle Brands, Inc., the parent company of Launch Cart, plans to play a significant role in the future of this partnership. Bernt Ullmann, CEO of Celebrity Lifestyle Brands, will leverage his extensive experience in brand development to introduce additional brands and celebrities to the innovative offerings created by this merger.

Bernt Ullmann shared his vision: “This merger is a strategic alignment that brings together the best technology and brand building. Our goal is to create a platform that not only enhances the eCommerce experience but also opens up new distribution channels for brands and celebrities. The fusion of Launch Cart’s technology with Exchange Collective’s capabilities, under the guidance of Celebrity Lifestyle Brands, is set to create a powerhouse in the online retail world.”

This partnership is anticipated to significantly change the eCommerce dropshipping landscape by integrating Launch Carts’ robust eCommerce platform with Exchange Collective’s marketplace and dropship distribution technologies, this partnership is poised to transform the dropshipping sector. It offers Brands, Manufacturers, and Sellers a remarkable and innovative approach to boosting sales for businesses of all sizes.

About Launch Cart:
Launch Cart stands at the forefront of eCommerce and digital marketing innovation, redefining the dropshipping industry with its ‘On-Demand eCommerce’ model. This model includes an eCommerce SaaS platform, a B2B product sourcing marketplace, and advanced banking services with a split payment solution. Launch Cart’s comprehensive suite of tools includes an eCommerce-enabled website builder, an integrated CRM system with diverse digital marketing tools, and now, Exchange Collective’s marketplace technology. Additionally, a planned component, ‘Banking as a Service’ with a split payment merchant system, is set to launch in 2024, streamlining financial transactions for online sellers. Launch Cart is dedicated to enhancing the efficiency and practicality of online business operations.

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About Exchange Collective:
The Exchange Collective, EXC for short, introduces a “business to business to consumer” () solution via its proprietary technology. This innovative SaaS platform provides retailers with immediate access to a brand’s real-time inventory, streamlining the sale of items that may be out of stock or not currently in the retailer’s inventory. Simultaneously, it serves as a robust solution for brands and manufacturers to increase their direct-to-consumer distribution and showcase their products on multiple sellers’ websites through a single connection. Operating as an e-commerce enabler, Exchange Collective establishes a seamless connection for brands to list their products across diverse online sales channels. This empowerment allows retailers to serve as online dropship marketplaces, fostering a network for brands to distribute their products across relevant consumer sales channels.

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