Digital Transformation Leaders Announces Call for B2B Partnership for Individual Agility in the Face of AI Disruption

Enhancing Individual to Drive Business Growth and Foster Digital Economy Development

The majority of professionals, leaders, business owners, and entrepreneurs urgently need digital self-transformation for personal growth, agility, and a sustainable future.”

— M. Nadia Vincent, MBA – CEO Digital Transformation Leaders

HOUSTON, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, June 20, 2024 / — Businesses embracing today’s digital intelligence and facilitating the digital agility of their organizations are well-positioned for sustainable growth.

Digital Transformation Leaders, a management consulting firm dedicated to advancing business digital transformation and , is excited to announce a call for partnerships aimed at enhancing individual and business agility. This initiative seeks to collaborate with businesses, educational institutions, and technology providers to promote individual agility and drive business innovation and success.

“The majority of professionals, leaders, business owners, and entrepreneurs urgently need digital self-transformation for personal growth, agility, and a sustainable future,” says M. Nadia Vincent, MBA, Digital Transformation, & Innovation Executive Advisor and CEO. It is about a mindset shift for thorough agility.

In the year 2000, despite the fear of the unreal Y2K bug, innovation continued to flourish. Fast forward to 2024, the rise of artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and mobility demands even greater innovation. However, uncertainty often holds businesses back, which negatively impacts the long-term economy. Imagine if companies like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, IBM, Dell, Apple, and Zoom had not innovated a decade or two ago; our economy would be less prosperous. To ensure a thriving future economy, it is crucial to foster innovation and agility now, especially with AI performing many tasks, reducing the need for human involvement.

This sentiment is echoed by the Global Talent Trends 2024 report by Mercer, which states that 82% of the global workforce is at a high risk of burnout. The Global Risks Report 2024 by the World Economic Forum, in collaboration with Marsh McLennan and Zurich Insurance Group, also highlights the critical need for business agility and people sustainability.

“Businesses are being tested in new ways. The need for business agility and people sustainability is critical,” states the report.

Nadia Vincent and Digital Transformation Leaders have been assisting businesses in their transformation journeys for over two decades internationally. They have developed and delivered several solutions to address these challenges.

This summer, Digital Transformation Leaders is launching two programs to facilitate individual agility, help organizational leaders reinvent their business vision and digital strategy, and is looking for partners to join force with them.

1. I Transform Me: This self-transformation program is dedicated to individuals and organizations seeking to enhance personal and business agility.

2. Digital Transformation & Business Innovation Workshop – Tailored for business leaders across various sectors, helps leaders reinvent their businesses vision and digital strategy for thriving in the new economy.

Target Sectors for Partnership

Digital Transformation Leaders invites organizations and businesses providing solutions and services for business innovation, particularly those incorporating AI, data centers, technology solutions, SaaS, financial solutions, and logistic services. We are interested in partnering with businesses that serve a transversal market and/or the following sectors though not limited to them.

– Law Practices

– Energy

– Medical Practices

– Financial Services

– Private Clubs

– Hospitality

– Retail

– Real Estate

– Various Professional Services

– Manufacturing, Logistics & Distribution

– Utility Companies

Join Us in Driving individual Agility, Business Innovation and Success

By partnering with Digital Transformation Leaders, your organization will contribute to advancing business innovation and individual agility across multiple industries, while we help you reach your business objectives. Together, we can create a dynamic ecosystem that fosters technological advancement, strategic thinking, and sustainable growth for everyone involved.

Join us as facilitate individual agility with “I Transform Me” , promote business innovation with the Top Suite.AI workshops and our series of events for businesses. Many executives are still uncertain about digital transformation, artificial intelligence and are defensive when it comes to innovation, often mistaking technology adoption for true digital transformation. Partner with us to support the education of business executives, leaders, and professionals on digital transformation, artificial intelligence, and digital agility.

The call for partnership is open now for a limited time. Interested? please fill the form here and we will follow up with you.

About Digital Transformation Leaders

Digital Transformation Leaders is committed to supporting organizations and individuals in their journey toward digital excellence. Through our innovative educational programs and strategic partnerships, we aim to equip businesses with the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in the digital age.

At Digital Transformation Leaders, we help businesses transform, educate them, and empower individuals to self-transform, become agile, and innovate, thereby significantly contributing to the revival and greatness of the digital economy through our thought leadership. That is why we are ranked in the Global Top 10 Thought Leaders for digital transformation, innovation, business continuity, artificial intelligence, agility, digital Leadership, RPA, and digital disruption.

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