Forescout releases its new Connected Medical Device Security report

This morning, Forescout released its new Connected Medical Device Security report, which shows that organizations have made improvements to improve their security posture but their networks are still exposed to significant risk of attack and disruption.

The report points to issues that persist as many healthcare organizations are continuing to expand their device footprints amid new surges in COVID-19 cases putting a strain on personnel and resources needed to help mitigate security risks.

Some of the report’s key takeaways to consider:

  • For this report, Forescout analyzed detailed information from more than 20,000 virtual local area networks (VLANs) and the 3.3 million devices contained within the Forescout Device Cloud. Report data also reflects assessments of five anonymous healthcare delivery organizations’ networks.
  • Network segmentation to better insulate devices from risk is increasing, however many healthcare organizations still do not implement segmentation correctly.
  • 90 percent of VLANs possessed a mix of healthcare devices and IT devices like printers.
  • The number of devices running soon-to-be unsupported versions of Windows has decreased from 71% to 32% in the past year.
  • However, the percentage of totally unsupported devices in the past year have remained the same at 0.4%.