The Social Good Magazine Series Shares Season 2 Story for Healthcare Advocacy with Fintech Support Leader Tom McDonald

Kristen Thomasino Global , 22x Author, 2x Show Host, Patriot Supporter worked with her Congressional Representative Nanette Diaz Barragan’s Office for Congressional Recognition for the 2023 Social Good Campaign for Veterans Voices for Fibromyalgia.

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Tom McDonald, Patient for Hyperparathyroid and Disease. Learn from Tom about his journey to understanding and action.

Social Good Warriors for the next seasons of our Social Good Project are being interviewed to humanity with their .

Our world needs to raise the vibration. We can do that by unifying together and telling evergreen stories of success for our communities. Stories that have purpose not just emotional upset effect.”

— Kristen Thomasino | Editor and Chief The Social Good Magazine

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, October 3, 2023 / — Thomasino has been running an international search for for the next seasons of “The Social Good Magazine” Series. Booking Executives have been engaged with targeting specific types of and examples. Formal candidacy involves submitting an application form on and scheduling a 15-minute interview with the Booking Executive team for Kristen Thomasino.

Founder Kristen Thomasino said, “After integrating The Social Good Magazine series and other Thomasino Media content into the new application Buddytown available on Apple and Android, we could move faster now with our recruitment process. We had great success with supporting teamfibro and amplifying the work Army Veteran Kristal Kent has been doing with the volunteers for Veteran Voices for Fibromyalgia. We showed that we could execute on tasks for civil reform in cooperation with various organizations, individuals, and government officials. My organization’s priority is identifying examples of social good in our communities.

Reviewing certain media channels with larger followings, you see many negative stories that need clear action steps for audiences to channel their engagement into positive outcomes. My vision with this social good project is to highlight stories of success. I love that we have so many phenomenal human beings living with experiences they want to share to impact the world for social good. Social Good is now important for us to shift our focus to the many in our communities. We need to ensure that we have civil reform systems that allow individuals who specialize in certain areas, like the law, to serve efficiently and effectively on behalf of the people. Lifting everyone in our communities with the hope that we can accomplish extraordinary visions when we stop, create a plan, network with others, and do the work.”

An October push for candidates for Social Good for Season 2 ends on , October 31st, 2023. Thomasino Media is pleased to announce this Social Good Series growth, starting with a new article submission by Tom McDonald, providing the voice of the patient’s feedback about his experiences, figuring out through trial and error how to understand why his body was responding to the way it was.

Thomasino, an International Health Advocate for , rehabilitated from severe fibromyalgia. Tom McDonald was part of Thomasino’s journey and, even in his suffering, was a great over the years. They have a history of working together successfully to create positive outcomes for customers in various industries with financial services and solutions. This duo has been paired together countless times over the years to work in the service of helping others with education and tools. Creator of The Social Good Magazine Series and Social Good , Kristen Thomasino, was delighted to hear that Tom McDonald had found the answers to the symptoms he was experiencing and paths forward to managing his form better.

Tom had always been there for Kristen during her severest times of struggle with Fibromyalgia and restoring her muscular strength and mental capabilities after suffering from periods of severe brain fog. Kristen would come from Charlotte, North Carolina, to complete her physical therapy sessions with Doctor Tatum Robinson of Phoenix Physical Therapy and Sports Performance in Denver, North Carolina.

Afterward, Tom would welcome Kristen to his house and discuss how the sessions went and her progress. When Kristen left town and needed a helping hand, Tom was there again to help with heavy lifting and emotional support. After hearing about his progress, Kristen told Tom that he should advocate and spread education about what he learned about the importance of regular tests with your to ensure you are maintaining the proper nutrition and not being affected by other factors. Tom showed up for the task and compiled some critical thoughts about what he experienced so others could learn and take action with their health teams.

CEO Thomasino Media, Kristen Thomasino, closed with, “I am so pleased to amplify my friend, Tom McDonald’s voice on this critical topic of health and wellness. We worked together in the financial technology industry, and our passion is teaching to create customer success. Tom’s story is not one to be missed. It’s remarkable what can happen when we better understand why our bodies are performing the way they are. Tom is one of many remarkable people I’ve been blessed with collaborating with for social good.”

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