Level 42 AI™’s Vibrome™ Longevity Solution Recognized Among the Best by UCSF’s Digital Health 2023 Awards

imPulse™ Una infrasound-to-ultrasound e-stethoscope

Capturing the lung, heart, and gut infrasound orchestra playing inside your body to monitor and .

The world stands at the threshold of a new era: determining lifespan and health spans based on the human body vibroacoustic orchestra atlas!”

— Shasha Jumbe

SANTA CLARA, CALIFORNIA, USA, September 5, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Level 42 AI, Inc. (Level 42 AI), a company that develops AI-powered technology to detect, diagnose, and monitor age-related diseases, has been named a quarterfinalist in the Best-in-Class track in the category of the Digital Health 2023 .

Level 42 AI’s technology unlocks audible sounds and inaudible vibrations (Vibrome™) with high degree of precision to extract a wide spectrum of novel vibroacoustic bi-omarkers spanning early screening of respiratory and cardiac disease, aging phenotyping, to early lung/gut cancer detection non-invasively and inexpensively. The unique vibrome data set is interpreted by proprietary AI to (1) screen, (2) detect, (3) di-agnose, and (4) monitor overlapping age-related diseases, estimate true biological age, and quantify lifespan and health spans in general.

“Progress in algorithm development over the last few years has been astonishing. However, progress in novel measurement tools and datasets has been stagnant. We are capturing, labelling, and cataloging inaudible vibrations that others won’t be able to replicate. This is a major milestone for Level 42 AI,” said Shasha Jumbe, Co-founder and CEO of the company. “It’s a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team, and validation of our technology’s potential so that current and future generations can enjoy more productive, fuller, and healthier years for as long as they live.”

The Digital Health Hub Foundation Awards competition brings together companies from across the world, to recognize “Standout in Health Tech” in an increas-ingly mature digital health industry. “This year has been our most competitive yet,” said Mark Goldstein, Founder and Chairman of The Digital Health Hub Foundation. “We are so impressed by the pioneering work in digital health happening on a global scale. Congratulations to all of our quarterfinalists on their notable success.”

To learn more about Level 42 AI, visit their website at https://www.level42.ai/ or contact Peter Rexelius for any PR, BD related information – press@level42.ai

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