When Marketing Meets Experience: Pickcel’s Smart Digital Signage Solution for Asian Paints

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Asian Paints and Pickcel bring forth the best user experience alongside product promotion on digital signage when screens are out of the ‘human touch.’

Considering the scale and complexity of content distribution, we wanted to create a solution for Asian Paints that largely automated the process across the screen network”

— Basudev Saha, Co-Founder & CTO, Pickcel

NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, January 9, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Pickcel, a name synonymous with digital signage solutions worldwide, has brought utility and experience across several industries over the years. With technology that transcends sectors, coming up with an outcome-yielding retail solution was more of an innovation than a challenge.

Asia’s third-largest paint company, Asian Paints, collaborated with Pickcel to bring the power of promotion to the screens meant for customer interactions at their stores across the country.

Colour Visualizer, a one-of-a-kind technology, enabled customers to pick and choose from a wide range of Asian Paints’ color palettes. This, besides giving them an idea of how their dining or living room might look, also allowed them to go through the in-house shade palettes offered by the company. However, when not in use, the display screens of the kiosks remained blank and inactive. The brand realized it could utilize these idle screens to run promotions via a signage content management system.

“Pickcel has a simple QR-based display registration process allowing our clients to configure all 2500+ screens in little to no time. Considering the scale and complexity of content distribution, we wanted to create a solution for Asian Paints that largely automated the process across the screen network,” Basudev Saha, Co-Founder & CTO of Pickcel, highlighted.

Pickcel used a set of custom parameters to sort and tag the Colour Visualizer kiosks. These parameters included distributor names and locations, allowing the kiosks to run more relevant and category-specific content. This meant Asian Paints could run targeted promotions such as vernacular ads and zone-specific festive offers.

Besides content specificity, the Pickcel software was sentient of when to play the content on the devices. It monitored a downtime (screen remaining idle) of 5 minutes on the Asian Paints PCs, post which the Pickcel application automatically popped up on screens and started playing the scheduled content.

When a customer interacted with the screen, the application minimized, with the color visualizer again showing up. Another touch deprivation of 5 minutes and the display went back to playing the scheduled content.

The optimization of the Asian Paints Colour Visualizer PCs for marketing had some incredible benefits:

– There was an excellent scope for local and hyperlocal advertising.

– The brand had better control over its marketing as the digital signage content could be updated quickly, scheduled, or played in real-time. It could show the brand history, ‘Color of the month,’ and much more.

Key features & benefits of the Pickcel digital signage software:

– Remote management and control capabilities, allowing users to update and change the content from any location

– Scheduling and automation tools for displaying content at specific times or in response to certain events

– Support for multiple display types (video walls, interactive displays, billboards, menu boards, tablets, etc.)

– Tons of content apps, layout designs, templates, and design tools for content creation

– Scope of integration with other systems, such as social media and analytics platforms

– SOC2-certified for top-notch platform security

One of the unique things about the brand is the ability to heavily customize and remodel its solutions through API integrations, intelligent programming, and automation. Previously Pickcel has delivered bespoke solutions to businesses such as NEC, Hungerbox, and Embassy. The brand operates on the philosophy that every business challenge is unique and, therefore, deserves a unique solution.

About Pickcel:

Pickcel is a global digital signage software brand with solutions impacting a wide spectrum of industries, such as retail, hospitality & food service, corporate, education, healthcare, and transportation. The company has offices in Bangalore (India) and New York (USA). With an excellent portfolio of more than 5500+ clients, the name is trusted by SMBs and multinational brands alike. Marriott, Radisson, Etisalat, Mercedes, Amazon, Decathlon, and NEC, are some of their notable clients. The Pickcel software currently powers 100,000+ screens across 30 countries, making it one of the world’s fastest-growing digital signage software companies. The brand has several partnership programs and is always looking for collaborations with regional brands.

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