Principal Provides Exciting Free Travel Opportunity for his Elementary Students


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Georgia Principal Provides Exciting Free Travel Opportunity for his Elementary Students

We must expose our students to as much as possible to even the playing field of learning.”

— Anton Anthony

SPARTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, January 9, 2023 / — Anton Anthony, principal of Marvin E. Lewis Elementary in Sparta, Georgia, provided a unique learning opportunity for his students by sharing his Christmas trip to Jerusalem, Isreal, as a virtual field trip.

Virtual field trips, or “virtual tours,” are a type of educational technology that allows students to explore places and experiences remotely through digital media. They can supplement traditional classroom learning or provide students with unique opportunities to learn about new subjects and cultures.

There are many benefits to virtual field trips. For one, they can be more cost-effective than traditional field trips, as they do not require transportation or accommodation expenses. They also allow students to visit places that may not be easily accessible or safe to visit in person, such as foreign countries or historic sites. Additionally, virtual field trips can be highly interactive, with multimedia elements such as videos, photos, and virtual reality experiences that help bring the destination to life for students.

Principal Anthony recorded his experience on his phone, and when he returned, he edited a video for his students to see on YouTube. Virtual field trips can be conducted in a number of ways. Some schools use video conferencing tools such as Skype or Google Meet to connect students with experts or guides at the destination, while others use pre-recorded video tours or virtual reality experiences to give students a more immersive experience. Some schools even create their own virtual field trips using a combination of these techniques. However, it is a great way to expose students to new places and experiences, even if they cannot physically travel there. They can also be a way to spark curiosity and inspire students to learn more about the world around them. Principal Anthony stated, “I want every experience this year to be used as a learning experience, and my trip was one I knew I could share with them. The questions from our students alone were of more value to me than the trip. Some of my students probably would never leave the country, but when we provided this, some students stated they felt like they traveled because they saw me travel. Our community is tiny and located in rural Georgia, and I know a lot of our students may not have the same resources as their peers across the state to travel, so we must expose our students to as much as possible to even the playing field of learning.”

Overall, virtual field trips can be a valuable tool for educators looking to provide students with unique learning experiences. By taking advantage of technology, teachers can help students learn about new subjects and cultures in an engaging and interactive way. The principal at Marvin E. Lewis is doing a great job by using this approach to bring new learning opportunities to his students, and it’s likely that many other educators will follow suit in the future.

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