The Grayhat Cybersecurity Conference is set for the Halloween Weekend – with the goal of Educating current and future Cybersecurity defenders and operators

NEW YORK, Oct. 12, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The Grayhat Virtual Cybersecurity Conference (Grayhat – Announced the details of its upcoming annual conference set for October 29th–31st. Offering a robust lineup, including a dozen technology specific areas, called “Villages,” that cover specific targeted cyber-learning-spaces, including Ship Hacking, defensive training, Bio Hacking, and much more. A major feature of the conference includes a Virtual Business Hall, the Armory Showcase, the Bug Bounty and global CISO summit’s, and extensive networking opportunities. Grayhat is the leading practitioner-led, managed and operated technical information security conference.

“We’re running a different format this year of course, due to the pandemic,” said Joseph Mlodzianowski. “But despite the shift to an all virtual event, interested Cybersecurity professionals of all levels can still participate and learn in a manner best suited for them. And they are guaranteed a unique experience, including training and activities they’ve come to expect from Grayhat. Our primary mission has always been to educate our attendees, giving them the chance to learn and explore new skills, passions, ideas and concepts, while deepening their existing knowledge. That is still true this year, and we’re certain it will be our most broadly attended conference to date.”

Grayhat Virtual Cyber Conference 2020

  • Briefings: From Oct. 29–31, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. CDT, an all-access briefings pass will be free, with online access to content from all participating Villages, including briefings, Village labs and training, Village competitions and challenges. Also included are the Grayhat Armory and Bug Bounty CTF, access to the virtual Business Hall, sponsors’ Demo Labs, sponsors’ news, and more. Talks range from election security, to exploit development to mobile security, vulnerabilities and more.

    View a full list of briefings online.

  • Training Workshops and Labs: Starting Thursday the 29th, Grayhat will host over 25 unique and deeply technical two and four-hour training courses led by top informational security trainers and professionals. Courses range from Red Team Offensive tools and tactics, the latest in penetration testing, infrastructure hacking, to mobile application security and defenses. The Training pass costs $49 and half is donated to charity, and a VIP Pass is available for $79. VIP benefits include access to “meet the expert” sessions, an event patch, and access to the on-demand technical training portal for 30 days. Appropriate material for any skill range: novices and security professionals alike.

    View a full list of the workshops online.

  • Business Hall: Representing a variety of high-tech zones, including sponsor-led products and services sessions, and specific technology demo labs that highlight sponsors’ capabilities. In-depth conversations with sponsors via the discord communication platform.

    Those interested in becoming a sponsor or viewing current sponsors can do so online.

Grayhat features keynotes from world-renowned experts like Ning Wang, the CEO of Offensive Security, the legendary Peiter “Mudge” Zatko founder of L0pht, Cult of the Dead Cow, now at Stripe, and the Christopher Krebs, Director of CISA at DHS. Special guests include Alex Matrosov from NVIDIA and Patrick Wardle former NASA and NSA researcher, Also the worlds leading researcher finding zero days on Apple products.

Grayhat soft launch for VIP ticket holders begins October 28, and social events will be hosted online via the Grayhat discord server and Grayhat TV.

About Grayhat Virtual Cyber Summit

In its third year, Grayhat is an annual premier practitioner-led and organized Cyber Security Summit that allows cyber security professionals and others an opportunity to learn some of the most respected names in Cyber. Recommended for all levels, from novice to expert there is something for everyone to learn. Learn more about the list of events scheduled for this year’s virtual conference at: