Security thought leaders are getting together to crack the code to Proactive SOC at the SOCReload Virtual Event by Picus Security

Leading names from Gartner, IBM Security, VMware, SANS and We Hack Purple will discuss SOC challenges and the steps to build a proactive SOC.


LONDON, Oct. 12, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — SOCReload hosted by Picus Security, the pioneer Breach and Attack Simulator provider, is gathering thought leaders and security researchers from Gartner, IBM Security, VMware Carbon Black, SANS and We Hack Purple Academy  to discuss steps that can be taken to overcome the obstacles in building proactive SOC capabilities and preempting cyber attacks. The virtual event entitled “SOCReload: The Odyssey to Proactive Security Operations Centers” will take place on Wednesday, October14th at 2 pm (GMT +1).

In this unique event industries leading names such as Peter Shoard, RoseAnn Guttierrez, Tom Kellermann, Chris Crowley and Tanja Janca aka @shehackspurple will talk about:

  • Enhancing SIEM and EDR capabilities for tackling advanced threats
  • Empowering SOC analysts and engineers for proactive threat research and alert prioritization
  • Options for validating SOC processes and technologies to identify log collection, detection and alerting gaps
  • Strategic and ad-hoc use cases for utilizing MITRE ATT&CK framework

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About Picus Security

Picus Security is a breach and attack simulation (BAS vendor. BAS was categorized as a new security assessment domain in 2018 by Gartner, and Picus has been named as a Cool Vendor in 2019. Picus is an intelligence-driven security validation platform that simplifies security operations and optimizes defenses. The platform safely emulates cyber threats and provides mitigation guidance – allowing organizations to improve visibility and security investment utilization. Picus Security has recently launched its Detection Analytics & Mitigation solution to empower SOC teams to highlight risks associated with data collection challenges and to offer easy-to-implement mitigation suggestions and updates, improving SOC processes across the board – from  threat intelligence to incident analysis and incident response.