Samantha Scully Receives Prestigious BEYGood Grant to Propel Drone Innovations

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, October 4, 2023 / — Samantha Scully, a visionary entrepreneur, innovator in the drone industry, and founder of Sam and Drones, has been honored with a grant from Beyoncé’s renowned BEYGood initiative. This prestigious recognition significantly supports Samantha’s groundbreaking venture, Sam and Drones, and its mission to pioneer advancements in uncrewed aerial systems or drones.

An Acknowledgment of Excellence

Beyoncé’s BEYGood initiative selected Samantha for her impact in integrating advanced drone technology with community development in LA and beyond. Her venture, Sam and Drones, focuses on leveraging the potential of uncrewed aerial systems for the betterment of urban environments.

The grant also secured Samantha a spotlight at the Black Parade route, a tribute to the BEYGood initiative’s commitment to celebrating influencers like her who make real change.

What we will do with the Grant
With a mission to democratize drone technology education, these funds will bolster the firm’s training programs. The grant will be meticulously allocated to several critical areas:

• Procurement of advanced cloud storage solutions and software to enhance training modules and data storage.
• Investment in essential drone equipment, including additional units, batteries, and state-of-the-art safety tools.
• Comprehensive drone insurance ensures our students and instructors’ utmost safety and reliability.
• Expansion of our team with the hiring of seasoned drone pilots dedicated to imparting their expertise to the next generation in South Central LA.

We aim to introduce students to drone technology and provide them with the tools, resources, and mentorship they need to excel,” stated Sam Scully, the visionary behind Sam and Drones. “This grant is more than just funds; it’s an affirmation of our commitment to the community and the future leaders of the drone industry.” We aim to guide over 30 students.

The Black Parade Route: More Than An Event

The Black Parade route is a transformative journey across major global cities like London, Chicago, and New York. Its core mission? Empower communities by spotlighting trailblazers, especially women entrepreneurs and changemakers who reshape their industries.

A Fellowship of Visionaries

To mark this honor, Samantha joined her fellow grant recipients at an exclusive luncheon, an event celebrating their dedication, hard work, and visionary ideas, including the innovative projects at Sam and Drones.

Be Part of the Movement

Inspired by Samantha’s journey? Join the BEYGood mission. Visit to learn more about how you can contribute to this powerful initiative. With the support from the BEYGood grant, Sam and Drones are all set to soar to new heights. Samantha’s focus is clear: enhance research, broaden her reach, and deepen community engagement, especially in regions like Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, and South Central Los Angeles.

Reflecting on this recognition, Samantha shares, “Being acknowledged by an icon like Beyoncé is deeply humbling. More than the grant, it’s being part of a movement that values diversity and innovation, that truly excites me.”

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