Cyberricade CEO, Barry Angeline, Shares Strategies to Help Small and Medium Enterprises Succeed

Barry Angeline

Cyberricade CEO, Barry Angeline, Shares Strategies to Help Small and Medium Enterprises Succeed

ASHBURN, VIRGINIA, UNITED STATES, October 4, 2023 / — With intense competition in the current market, businesses confront multiple challenges and must devise strategies to differentiate themselves and survive. This is particularly true for small and medium-sized enterprises dealing with issues like inadequate infrastructure, resource management, and support. To address these concerns, CEO of Cyberricade, Barry Angeline, an expert in Performance Improvement Initiatives, provides practical tips for SMEs to enhance their performance, drive success, and foster growth.

Barry Angeline emphasizes the importance of regularly analyzing performance metrics to identify gaps and understand why goals aren’t being achieved. By gaining this insight, businesses can set realistic goals and manage expectations effectively. Clear guidelines, specific objectives, and benchmarking play a crucial role in measuring the success of the business and providing actionable directions.

Recognizing that employees are key stakeholders, Barry Angeline emphasizes fostering positive employee-manager relationships through performance management practices. This involves establishing open communication, creating a safe space for employees to express their needs, and incorporating feedback moments into performance reviews and team meetings. Coaching supervisors to solicit feedback and ensuring employees feel comfortable sharing concerns is essential. Investing in employees not only improves relationships but also boosts productivity and job satisfaction, leading to enhanced economic stability.

Assessing risks is another vital aspect Barry Angeline advises businesses to consider. The business environment presents industry-specific risks and external factors such as economic conditions or unrest. Understanding and addressing these risks contribute to improved performance.

Barry Angeline proposes several strategies, including identifying risks and developing mitigation plans. This may involve obtaining insurance coverage, diversifying business operations, or stockpiling essential supplies. By assessing risks and implementing appropriate measures, companies can protect themselves from potentially devastating losses.

Barry Angeline also emphasizes the importance of adapting and utilizing technology in the current digital era to enhance business performance. Statistics indicate a significant shift in business practices, with e-commerce accounting for over 50% of purchases. However, small firms face challenges in digitalization due to difficulties in scaling solutions and financial constraints. Barry Angeline advises small firms to find online platforms that can support their businesses and engage clients, thereby expanding their customer base and generating revenue for growth.

Barry Angeline, an established performance improvement consultant and the founder and CEO of Cyberricade, holds extensive experience and qualifications in the field. With credentials from well-renowned institutions, including a BS in Polymer Science and Engineering, an MS in Polymer Science and Engineering, and an MBA with Distinction from Manchester Business School, Barry Angeline is well-equipped to provide valuable insights.

Recognized for his outstanding contributions, Barry Angeline has received prestigious industry awards, including the ASA(ALT) Lean Six Sigma Excellence Award and Management Excellence Awards. Additionally, he holds two patents and has published numerous professional papers, further demonstrating his expertise.

Cyberricade offers consultation services to diverse clients, making Barry Angeline’s qualifications and contributions highly valuable for SMEs seeking performance improvement.

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