Reputation House Highlights the Importance of Online Presence Management at the ICX Summit in Charlotte

Reputation House Team at ICX Summit

Nikita Prokhorov, the co-founder and executive director of Reputation House

Reputation House at ICX Summit

The agency focused on the crucial strategies and techniques that help businesses not only monitor and enhance their online reputation

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA, USA, September 14, 2023/ — The Interactive Customer Experience (ICX) Summit held from September 11-13 in Charlotte, NC, saw an insightful presentation from Nikita Prokhorov, the co-founder and executive director of Reputation House. The summit, known for its dedication to revealing the innovative strategies and technologies used by brands to enhance customer experiences, showcased Prokhorov’s deep dive into online reputation management.

Nikita said, “We live and run business in a world where every brand’s trajectory is so intertwined with its online image, the significance of online reputation management (ORM) cannot be overstated. At the ICX Summit, I aimed to highlight this by emphasizing strategies like proactive reputation management, leveraging social listening, authentic customer engagement, strategic content creation, and the art of turning negative feedback into growth opportunities. Every brand’s success hinges on how they’re perceived online, and ORM is the key.”

Today, Reputation House proudly offers advanced online reputation management services including AI-powered tools, media monitoring, SERM, and specialized review tracking.

Reputation House’s participation in the ICX Summit underscores its commitment to ORM and its pivotal role in a brand’s digital journey. The ICX Summit’s initiative in bringing thought leaders like Nikita Prokhorov to the forefront ensures businesses are equipped to understand and adapt to the dynamic realm of customer experience and ORM.

ICX Summit was co-located with the Bank Customer Experience (BCX) Summit that provided executives with powerful insights into current trends and innovative technology to help today’s financial institutions transform themselves to serve consumers now and into the future.

About Reputation House

Reputation House, based in the USA, is one of the world’s leading online reputation management agencies with offices in Dubai-United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, and the USA. The agency specializes in detecting issues and fixing online performance: Search Engine Reputation Management (SERM), online mentions’ monitoring, online reputation analytics, lead generation, deleting information from websites and search engines, and evaluating digital engagement and coverage.

For over 10 years we have secured online reputation for more than 1000 international companies that include governments, corporations, companies, NGOs, and individuals.

Reputation House is known for its expertise in enhancing and safeguarding online reputation, developing AI software to monitor, analyze and timely respond to mentions on the Internet, such as Reputation House App for large-scale online data analysis and My Reputation App for small businesses and personal use.

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