Curio Genomics Appoints Veteran SaaS CEO Returning to His Crop Genomics Roots

Tony Nevshemal, CEO, Curio Genomics

Tony Nevshemal Appointed Chief Executive Officer as Company Prepares to Scale and Enter New Markets with Expanded Crop Genomics Product Solutions

I am thrilled to be joining Curio Genomics. I know how unique the CURIO™ software and data platform is at a time when farmers desperately need crops with higher yields and more climate resilience.”

— Tony Nevshemal, CEO, Curio Genomics

ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN, USA, September 14, 2023/ — Curio Genomics, a leading crop genomics software company, today announced the appointment of its first chief executive officer, Tony Nevshemal, bringing twenty-five years of leadership experience in developing early-stage technology companies to success through strategic partnerships and multiple acquisitions. In joining Curio, Mr. Nevshemal returns to “roots”, having grown up in an Iowa farming community and beginning his career as a scientist in a genetics laboratory at Pioneer Hi-Bred/Dupont. With his appointment, John Prista Freshley will transition from a day-to-day business role as Executive Chairman to Chairman of the Board.

“We are really fortunate to bring Tony on board to scale Curio Genomics,” said Mr. Freshley. “Tony is a perfect fit for Curio. He has experience in building a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company to a successful exit, launching and building multiple technology start-ups, and has a background in farming and crop research. I look forward to providing Tony and the Curio team my fullest support to grow Curio Genomics into a leading partner for crop researchers around the world.”

Prior to joining Curio, Mr. Nevshemal was the chief executive officer of Expandable Software, a SaaS ERP company until its acquisition by a private equity firm this past May. Previously, from 2006 to 2018, he served University of Wyoming spin-out Delta Nu as its chief operating officer (COO), spearheading it through two acquisitions and becoming SciAps, Inc. in 2013. During Mr. Nevshemal’s tenure, SciAps grew to become a leader in the design and miniaturization of chemical identification tools. Earlier in his career, Mr. Nevshemal led technology licensing at the University of Wyoming and DuPont, where he completed hundreds of contracts, including the acquisition of genomic technologies.

“I am thrilled to be joining Curio Genomics,” stated Mr. Nevshemal. “From discussions with my former colleagues from DuPont, I know how unique the CURIO™ software and data platform is within the crop genomics field at a time when farmers desperately need crops with higher yields and more climate resilience. CURIO™ is massively scalable and I have been amazed at its speed and ease of use in analyzing huge crop genomes. We are incredibly well-positioned to transform the efficiency and results of crop genomic research.”

Curio Genomics is currently embarking on a Seed Series Preferred round of financing to build its commercial and science teams and bring a first-in-class crop genomics content product into the market.

About Curio Genomics

Curio Genomics is accelerating crop genomics research that is critical to deliver farmers better seeds with higher yields, more resilience to disease and climate changes, and that are more environmentally sustainable. Curio Genomics’ proprietary parallelized bioinformatics software and data platform, CURIO™, enables unprecedented data processing speed of large and complex crop genomic data, delivering genomic data to plant scientists in minutes through intuitive and easy to use interfaces, and all without the need to engage scarce bioinformatics experts. For information about Curio Genomics, visit and follow on Twitter and LinkedIn.


Tony Nevshemal, Chief Executive Officer
Curio Genomics

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