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BUFFALO, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, May 21, 2022 / — On Saturday, May 14th, one of the most horrific racially-motivated mass shootings in the recent US history occurred in Buffalo, New York. Payton Gendron, an 18-year-old white supremacist, traveled 200 miles to target a supermarket in a predominately black neighborhood on Jefferson Ave to commit these hate crimes.

The hate-fueled assailant armored himself with protective gear before live-streaming the attack at Tops Friendly Market on Jefferson Ave. The gunman shot 13 people, 10 of whom have died as a result of their injuries, before surrounding to the law enforcement.

The lives lost during this act of mass violence were members of a strong and compassionate community. The Buffalo community has come together to support one another in these trying times. This is evident shortly after the massacre when neighbors across the street from Tops Friendly Market lit candles to show respect.

One of the lives lost during the tragedy, Aaron Salter, was a former Buffalo Police Lieutenant. Salter exchanged gunfire with the shooter trying to protect others and died a hero.

There is no place for hate crimes in our communities. Law enforcement agencies throughout the nation are teaming up with the emergency response application to minimize the lives lost during these horrendous tragedies.

Public safety applications provide immediate and multichannel communication between the public and law enforcement when a crisis occurs.

SaferWatch is on a mission to help communities have access to these potentially life-saving technologies during acts of mass violence. SaferWatch’s emergency response application allows users to trigger a silent mobile panic button in the event of a crisis. Once triggered, this alarm sends an emergency alert revealing GPS coordinates to local law enforcement and other first responders.

Emergency response applications have the potential to minimize casualties when acts of mass violence threaten our communities. These technologies provide police officers with critical information in real-time through video surveillance in retail stores and other public locations.

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SaferWatch provides communication between users, organizations, security officers, and local law enforcement to prevent and report incidents in real-time. SaferWatch protects the public and serves a wide range of industries.
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SaferWatch protects neighborhoods and communities throughout the nation by providing the tools that citizens need to report any crime and suspicious activity. The SaferWatch application also provides additional features, including personal safety measures that allow users to check in with family and friends. To learn more about partnering with SaferWatch, visit

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