aiXplain Officially Enters Public Beta Testing Phase

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aiXplain’s Beta is now the go-to source for the AI/ML development community for model development.

Build, diagnose, and improve your AI systems and datasets; continuously, efficiently and effortlessly.”

— ~aiXplain

LOS GATOS, CA, UNITED STATES, May 21, 2022 / — aiXplain announces the release of their public beta. Members can now access expert-level tools such as aiXplain Designer, FineTuner, AutoMode and additional benchmarking features for understanding, supporting and optimizing AI/ML model performance.

For personalized options, beta members can rely on Designer and FineTuner to provide the customizable data selection insights required for optimal baseline system re-training. Improving model performance using these tools adds access to the most relevant data for re-training a baseline system using various labeling techniques, or by suggesting pipeline model augmentation technologies. aiXplain’s FineTuner further extends the capabilities of directed data generation by providing access to human specialists via a variety of labeling integrations.

Utilizing a continuously expanding model library, beta members can now ensure continuous performance optimization utilizing aiXplain’s AutoMode, an AI-driven AutoML system. AutoMode allows for “ensembling” across various AI system suppliers, or multi-system combinations from individual AI system suppliers. From enablement of powerful cross language recognition options, to seamless integration with current and future “specialist” speech recognition integrations, beta members are fully supported with expert-level tools across all of their creations.

Among the many benefits of aiXplain are the additions to their benchmarking for MT and ASR services with access to state-of-the-art industry-specific metrics for more meaningful model insights. Beta benchmarking metrics include: quality, latency, speed, footprint, cost, bias, and drift tracking, which are all currently available and members can even involve human-in-the-loop evaluation specialists where needed.

aiXplain’s growing portfolio of tools empowers its members, from specialists and scientists, to engineers and developers, in their model development initiatives. Members can now easily build, diagnose, and improve AI systems and datasets; continuously, efficiently and effortlessly on aiXplain.

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