Hillsborough County, Florida Purchases Electro Scan ES-620 for In-House Sewer Infiltration & QA/QC Assessment Program

Strong Population Growth Across the Tampa Bay Region for Over Three Years is Driving the Need to Reduce Unwanted Inflow/Infiltration and at the Same Time Support Setting Proper Rehabilitation Priorities

Hillsborough County Public has purchased Electro Scan’s ES-620 added onto its existing CCTV truck.

Electro Scan offers unique solutions for effective in areas where pipe gradients are very shallow.

Electro Scan can easily to integrated to your existing CCTV truck to quickly & easily attach its machine-intelligent probe to existing coaxial CCTV cables to locate and measure all defects, missed by visual inspection.

New Technology Will Replace CCTV to Assess Sewers for Infiltration, Prioritize Pipe Rehabilitation, and Conduct QA/QC of Contractor Lining and Repair Projects

A powerful aspect of FELL technology over legacy CCTV inspection is the ability to immediately identify which pipes are leaking the most.”

— John Appenzeller, Safety/Risk Manager, Public Utilities Hillsborough County

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA, USA, August 9, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Electro Scan Inc. announced today that Hillsborough County Public Utilities, Florida has purchased the Company’s ES-620 machine-intelligent in-pipe survey probe, to be added to the County’s CUES CCTV truck, including annual licensing to Electro Scan’s CriticalSewer® cloud to continue its aggressive I/I reduction program.

Due to Electro Scan’s unique ability to determine whether cracks go through a pipe wall, if joints are watertight allowing to enter or escape to the ground, and ability to provide water tight certification of pipe repairs and relining projects, including Cured-In-Place Pipe () liners, provides the County an unambiguous method to test all pipe materials and avoid fixing good pipes.

The new unit will be used by County crews for in-house surveys and QA/QC of post-rehabilitation projects, prior to acceptance.

“We are delighted to have such a thorough vetting of Electro Scan’s technology by Hillsborough County,” stated Chuck Hansen, CEO, Electro Scan.

The County first adopted the Company’s award-winning Focused Electrode Location technology, also known as FELL, in 2019 to locate and quantify unwanted sewer infiltration in the Dale Mabry Sewer Basin.

Two subsequent Inflow/Infiltration projects administered by leading national consulting engineering firms, showed numerous advantages using FELL compared to traditional high resolution closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras.

Prior to purchasing its first Electro Scan ES-620, the County competed nearly 40 miles of surveying of its gravity sewers, with work completed by authorized contractors.

Hillsborough County is located in the west central coastline of the State of Florida with a population of 1.3 million, making it the fourth-most populous county in Florida.

Managing nearly 1,600 miles of gravity sewers and 857 lift stations which transport & treat over 42 million gallons per day, tidal and wet-weather infiltration can oftentimes enter the sewer system through cracks, defective joints, and services connections, with additional risk to the underground aquifer system.

In previous projects, the County saw that FELL data found that a small fraction of the pipes inspected were contributing to most of the unwanted inflow and infiltration flows entering the system.

Chris Jones, Division Director of Field Maintenance Services remarked “We are always open to utilizing new technology to improve operations here in Hillsborough County. Electro Scan is interesting and innovative! We believe in the technology and hope to utilize Electro Scan in all future I/I studies and QA/QC assessments.”

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“The County has realized the significance of FELL inspection to bring truly data-driven decision making to help support capital spending prioritization,” offered Mackenzie App, Electro Scan’s Vice President, Product Management, Gravity Pipelines.

“We are honored to return for this third major assignment with the County which demonstrates the level of trust in how FELL data can directly benefit the County’s bottom line,” continued App.

The striking results from Electro Scan’s three I/I projects showed that only about one-third of the pipes were contributing nearly 75% of the potential I/I flows with data generated allowing the County to pinpoint only those pipes needing repair, relining, or replacement that contribute to I/I.

In these unprecedented times where capital budgets are strained, setting prudent spending priorities is essential.

“A powerful aspect of FELL technology over legacy CCTV inspection is the ability to immediately identify which pipes are leaking the most,” remarked John Appenzeller, Safety/Risk Manager · Public Utilities Hillsborough County Florida.

“Then, using our cloud-based Critical Sewers® platform, the County and its engineers can make better decisions about the most cost-effective repair or rehabilitation method for each pipe,” continued Appenzeller.

Unlike CCTV inspection, which cannot effectively find or measure I/I sources, Electro Scan’s award-winning technology brings a new level of actionable condition assessment data.

During its prior I/I projects, reports indicated less than fifty (50) pipes & lateral defects contributing to I/I.

In contrast, FELL data showed in excess of 5,000 defects, with each defect quantified with an estimated gallon per minute based on the size of opening measured by machine-based electrical resistance.

In past studies, over 60,000 linear feet of pipe were televised using CCTV cameras. With the same pipes Electro Scanned, FELL data showed dramatically different results.

Key highlights of CCTV’s deficiencies and Electro Scan’s superior reporting, included:
• Identification of Infiltration Locations – CCTV (48) v. ELECTRO SCAN (5,032).
• Defective Tap Connections, i.e. service laterals connected to mains – CCTV (5) v. ELECTRO SCAN (324).
• CIPP Liner Defects – CCTV (0) v. ELECTRO SCAN (1,379).
• CCTV Approved all CIPP liners, while Electro Scan found significant leakage in 46 or 82% or all CIPP liners.
• Electro Scan found only 4 of 56 CIPP Liners had ‘No Leakage.’
• Electro Scan found 6 or 10% of relined CIPP pipes, each having over 100 pinhole .

Hillsborough County will have 5-6 members trained on Electro Scan.

More importantly, FELL data located each defect to within 3/8 of an inch (1cm) locational accuracy to allow engineers to easily determine whether point or spot repairs, sectional repairs, or complete line renewal is needed.

Most recently, the City of Decatur, Alabama added FELL technology to their own inspection vehicle, and in just 18 months has completed nearly 220,000 linear feet of gravity sewer inspections to support their aggressive I/I reduction efforts.

In April, San Antonio Water System (SAWS) presented details of their recent Electro Scan project at the annual Texas Water conference.

In June, results from the Electro Scan trial project at Sydney Water, Australia, were presented at No Dig Down Under and had similar results in comparing CCTV and Electro Scan.

Last week, the United Kingdom Society for Technology () selected Electro Scan Inc. as a FINALIST for 2022 Best Detection, Location, and Inspection Product. Electro Scan’s recognition resulted from its 51 kilometer (32 miles) Condition Assessment Project for British-based Southern Water plc.

While conducting low-voltage FELL inspection almost exclusively in gravity pipes to date, the company recently added the capabilities to now inspect potable pressure transmission mains and sewerage force mains. Using a proprietary pipe insertion and retrieval mechanism, this ground-breaking addition to its technology lineup expands Electro Scan’s capabilities to support pipe inspection needs across the board for complex pressure pipe inspections.

The company is active across the US, Canada, the UK and Western Europe, Japan, and Australia, with more recent additions in Singapore, China, and Brazil. These increased service offerings around the world demonstrate the intense demand for accurate, reliable, and repeatable pipe leak detection with utilities and industries everywhere.

Electro Scan Inc., is a leading supplier of machine-intelligent pipeline assessment products and services for the water & pipeline market, developing proprietary pipe condition assessment equipment and delivering field services, and cloud-based applications that automatically locate, measure, and report leaks typically not found by legacy inspection methods. Entirely self-funded, the company is a leading provider of CleanTech solutions providing needed Environmental, Social, and Governance () asset stewardship.


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