(ENKS) Enerkon Solar International inc issues a public statement on Ukraine

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Enerkon Solar International inc issues a public statement on Ukraine

Enerkon Solar International Inc (OTCBB:ENKS)

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— Mr. Benjamin Ballout CEO

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, November 30, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Enerkon Solar International inc issues a public statement on Ukraine and update on CE Status – Filing Progress

Enerkon Chairman Mr Benjamin Ballout issued the following statement today regarding the companies operations and activities:

“Mr. Ballout states that the company has decided to PAUSE all UKRAINE activities (MOU/Agreements/Talks) until further notice due to the current regional conditions and security atmosphere.”

“The Company may resume their activities in Eastern Europe in the future”

“Further the company Annual report is expected to be filed in time and is being perfected, taking into account several acquisition and sale transactions during the year that must be properly tabulated and disclosed in the record filing for September Year End Annual Report and Company Lawyer Information Valid Up to Date Letter”

“In other news its repeated the intention of the company to file criminal complaint and civil charges on Radio Free Europe and its journalist Todd Prince and others for federal Grant Monies misappropriation in connection with their fake news article on USA Citizens and Companies (Mr Ballout and 2 other American Ukraine lobbyists as well as the company ENKS earlier this year – this will be in United States Federal District Court Washington DC”

“Lastly the company feels the improper CE Designation will be removed very soon and the company specialist lawyer was hired to follow the process required for the removal procedure”

“The Company further rejects Fake news in any form and rejects improper and illegal behavior”

“It is Noted that while the CEO is a Member of the AACSED, neither he or the company, have any commercial relationship, with the Eco Capacity Exchange in any way, as they are an independent organization dealing with the AACSED only and with Governments and International organizations – our business with governments including the Governments of Ukraine, or its commercial enterprises, are separate and have nothing whatsoever, to do with my humanitarian work for the counsel or, with any of the counsel interrelationships”

The foregoing statements are forward looking statements, and as such, they may or may not reflect the results which could transpire in the future which should be negative or not transpire at all due to circumstances or other reasons and investors, shareholders, or others should not rely on these forward-looking statements to ascertain any value if any of ENKS or to make any investment decisions and to take note that this is not an offer to buy or sell securities or an endorsement of ENKS for investment purposes as all investment carry a risk of loss sometimes a total loss of your investment in Micro cap shares markets or any market and therefore such statements or plans should not be relied upon for any business decisions of any kind – Approval and permissions required by federal regulations may or may not be approved and if not approved may result in the loss of all value and all investments in products requiring such regulatory permissions to market and sell. These statements are made as forward-looking statements for educational purposes only in accordance with the rules and regulations which pertain to the same – the Company trades on the Expert Market under the OTC CE designation and Market Makers nor Broker Dealers may publish unsolicited quotes pursuant to rules 15 c 2 11 and accordingly until the company reached the current information status back to Pink Current classification these restrictions remain.

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