Cirn withdraws BERKELEY ENERGIA LIMITED hostile takeover bid.

CiRN withdraws Berkeley Energia Limited hostile takeover bid, AVISO CiRN retira la adquisición hostil de BERKELEY ENERGIA LIMITED ADJUNTA.


CiRN and I withdraw our hostile takeover bid for BERKELEY ENERGIA LIMITED as it may not conform to the Securities Legislation of the Kingdom of Spain.”

— Marino Specogna

CHILLIWACK CENTRAL, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA, November 30, 2021 / — Further to news release published November 29, 2021, titled CiRN takeover BERKELEY ENERGIA LIMITED, CiRN and Marino Specogna withdraw the hostile bid takeover of BERKELEY ENERGIA LIMITED immediately.

CiRN owns several Uranium prospects in Saskatchewan and owns three (3) Uranium deposits in Quebec.

CiRN looks to utilize the inground Uranium resources to produce electricity thru the ionization of radiation that emits from the inground deposits. This radiation energy is continuously emitted from any Uranium deposit for the life span of Uranium which is over 4.5 Billion years. CiRN believes this energy can be absorbed by an ionization plant that will be in continuous operation for the life span of the radiation of Uranium, 4.5 billion years, and that this use of already established technology first discovered with the Geiger Mueller counter in the 1908, can be utilized, along with the discoveries that the gold nanomaterial producing electricity from Uranium dissipation absorption was reported by Los Alamos scientists in 2008 and the paper is titled Nanomaterial turns radiation directly to electricity, , and a 2011 academic paper by Stanford University, titled Energy from radioactivity, , and a paper in 2011 by Cambridge titled Direct Energy Conversion From Gamma Ray to Electricity Using Silicon Semiconductor Cells, , whereby several of the publishers have reported on Uranium dissipation to absorption to electricity, CiRN working to develop sustainable, non intrusive and non obtrusive technology to absorb the earths energy to power.

CiRN looks to work with any public, private or title or landowners with Uranium deposits or waste from Nuclear Reactors to implement this absorption of radiation and ionization of radiation to electrical energy as the natural occurring radiation emits for the 4.5 Billion years and the technology can capture the radiation to convert to electricity. which technology will also destroy global warming. If you have an asset, contact CiRN to discuss at PR@CiRN.ONE .

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