Electro Scan Inc. Awarded Multiple Projects in the U.S & United Kingdom to Test Rehabilitated Pipes for Water Tightness

Electro Scan’s award-winning machine-intelligent TRIDENT Detection Push Reel, for pressurized mains & trunk mains, available for international sales and services.

Projects awarded to Electro Scan Inc. founded in 2011 and its wholly-owned subsidiary Electro Scan (UK) Limited founded in 2014.

All are located and measured in Gallons per Minute or Liters per Second, without relying on ‘seeing’ or ‘hearing’ defects at Joints, Customer Tap Locations, or Pipe Walls.

Machine vs. Manual CCTV of pinhole leaks.

Defective CIPP liners in pressurized water mains.

Underground Previously Tested by Listening or Seeing Leaks Being Replaced By Machine-Intelligent Technology

Electro Scan technology is a game-changer.”

— Chuck Hansen, Chairman & CEO, Electro Scan Inc.

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, July 1, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Electro Scan Inc. announced today that it has been awarded multiple projects in the United States and the United Kingdom to test recently installed Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP) and rehabilitated pipes for water tightness.

Traditionally relying on Acoustic sensors to listen for leaks when pipes are full or Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras to see leaks when pipes are empty, Electro Scan’s machine-intelligent multi-sensor suite of in-pipe sensors provides unambiguous, unbiased, and unprecedented accuracy to certify pipes as watertight, regardless of pipe flow or pressure.

Water & sewer administrators and owners have long acknowledged the limitations of legacy technologies to accurately test pipes, especially for leaks and water tightness.

Most recently, artificial intelligence has been introduced to electronically hear acoustic vibrations & view frame-by-frame cctv videos to overcome subjective manual assessments. But, detailed analysis has simply confirmed the limitations of both acoustic or visual inspections to document or measure leaks.

“Acoustic sensors and TV cameras have been longstanding solutions used by cities, contractors, and consultants to test pipes,” stated Chuck Hansen, Chairman & CEO, Electro Scan Inc.

Unfortunately, acoustic devices and cameras tend to miss 80-100% of leaks.

Acoustic devices are prone to false-positive readings due to customer usage, street noises, pipe flows, and water pressure. In contrast, visual-based CCTV cameras can’t tell if a crack goes through a pipe wall or if a joint allows water to flow past its bell or spigot.

As a result, many rehabilitation and renewal plans may be based on inaccurate or incomplete assessments causing multiple repairs to the same pipe and unplanned customer service interruptions.

Electro Scan’s technology assesses all pipes independent of line of sight visual constraints, customer usage, noise, flow velocities, or pressure.

Earlier this year, Electro Scan Inc was awarded ‘2021 Product of the Year‘ by Environment + Energy Leader and ‘Leak Detection Solution of the Year for 2021’ by Breakthrough.

“Electro Scan technology is a game-changer since it uses low voltage electric current [equivalent to six AA batteries] to test 360-degrees of a pipe’s wall and connections to see if it leaks electricity,” stated Hansen.

Scientific principles confirm that if a pipe leaks electricity it leaks water which can measured and expressed in Gallons per Minute () or Litres per Second ().

Contracts in the U.S. will have Electro Scan assess newly installed plastic pipe for one of the largest water in Texas, and inspect recently relined pipes in Florida and Wisconsin where steam cured resin-based CIPP was installed. CCTV cameras were previously used but unable to certify pipes as watertight.

New contracts in the United Kingdom will have Electro Scan assess recently relined CIPP pipes and also assess existing pipes to determine risk of flooding or overflows that could contaminate British waterways.

Projects in the United States are managed on a day-to-day basis by Mike App, Vice President, Electro Scan Inc. and in the United Kingdom by Brad Weston, Director, Electro Scan (UK) Limited.

CIPP lining to rehabilitate & water pipes was first introduced in England in 1971 by Eric Wood who called the CIPP process insitu form, derived from the Latin meaning “form in place.”

As a technology, CIPP does not require excavation to rehabilitate a pipeline that is either leaking or structurally unsound.

In the past, companies have attempted to embed fiber optic cables throughout CIPP liners to ensure that heat is evenly distributed during the curing process.

However, the inability to test full-length 360-degree pipe walls to determine actual leak locations limits actionable data for contractors and owners.

Cities and water utilities had previously relied on CCTV cameras to help locate sources of sewer backups, sanitary sewer overflows, and flooding, but recent post-rehabilitation studies have found that inspecting pipes with cameras only when a pipe is dry may be a major impediment to correctly allocating capital expenditures.

In contrast, the Electro Scan process inspects pipes when they are either full, as in the case for pressurized water mains, or simulates a fully surcharged sewer to allow its electric current to seek out any location where a pipe leaks. Having less than 1 inch locational accuracy, but providing utilities with each defect’s severity in GPM or LPS, capital expenditures can be targeted with pinpoint accuracy.

Hansen, a pioneer in water & sewer condition assessment since 1980, is not limiting his work to US and UK markets.

Already working in the Middle East, Hansen is scheduled to speak later this year at the in-person No-Dig Down Under annual conference in Sydney, Australia, where he will present results from CIPP testing at one of Australia’s largest water utilities.

Electro Scan Inc. has also sold its first commercial unit to Singapore, shipping later this month, where its portable unit will be used for inspecting existing and rehabilitated pipes.

Electro Scan Inc., is a leading supplier of machine-intelligent pipeline assessment products and services for the water & pipeline market, developing proprietary pipe condition assessment equipment and delivering field services, and cloud-based applications that automatically locate, measure, and report leaks typically not found by legacy inspection methods. Entirely self-funded, the company is a leading provider of CleanTech solutions providing needed Environmental, Social, and Governance () asset stewardship.

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