Cape Crystal Brands Specialty Foods Offers Distribution Through Nationwide Grocers

The company has thrived in the hyper-competitive, high-pressure environment since 2017.

SUMMIT, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, November 30, 2021 / — Edmund McCormick, founder, and CEO of Cape Crystal Brands, LLC, is pleased to announce its specialty foods brands, which are distributed through Walmart and, will now be available to food stores nationwide.

Cape Crystal Brands is a modern, 21st century specialty food company with a singular goal in mind: to provide food lovers, home cooks and professional chefs, with a wide range of natural and organic premium quality, hard-to-find ingredients at economical prices.

Through the import of specialty ingredients worldwide, no matter what the user’s kitchen skills or experience, Cape Crystal Brands provides the right product for that special recipe. It makes locating hard-to-find ingredients, such as modern gastronomy, easy to obtain when they can’t be found elsewhere. This enables the cook to eliminate wasted time searching for ingredients, and more time creating superior recipes and delicious dishes.

In the company’s most recent news, Cape Crystal Brands, which began operations 2017 in Summit, New Jersey, is now uniquely positioned to capitalize on the specialty food market nationwide as the fastest growing segment in the grocery category.

“While building Cape Crystal Brands certainly has been a labor of love, I’ve always brought an analytical eye to the process and a vision for Cape Crystal products to be available in local grocery stores. We’ve held back on expansion for four years to prove our concept and work through every aspect of our business,” observes McCormick. “What’s exciting for everyone is that Cape Crystal Brands hasn’t even begun to tap into what’s possible using specialty ingredients and food traditions.”

Cape Crystal continues to search the world to add specialty food ingredient offerings to its catalog offerings to provide its customers with a wider selection or exceptional products.

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About Edmund McCormick

In addition to founding Cape Crystal Brands, Edmund McCormick is a premier entrepreneur and CEO of EnvironMolds, LLC, an art materials manufacturing company also headquartered in Summit, NJ. He is the author of the cookbook Cooking Healthy and Loving It!.

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