ZTrucking Reinvents the Trucking Industry and Saves Small Carrier Safety Scores with AI Powered Platform


CHARLOTTE, NC, UNITED STATES, September 30, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — According to a report by Truckstop.com, it’s now 51% more expensive to own a trucking business than it was in 2020, forcing companies to call it quits, cut costs or find a new avenue for expansion. That is where ZTrucking steps in. The first of its kind, fully functional integrated system streamlines workflows to make reams of red tape a thing of the past.

The 800-billion-dollar trucking industry relies heavily on compliance with national and state regulations, including licenses, random drug testing, and mandatory weigh-ins. This maze of forms is enough to choke the life out of small mom-and-pop trucking businesses, but ZTrucking is the solution to this problem. Instead of using a dozen applications to complete repetitive tasks – Ztrucking users simply access files stored on the cloud.

The user-friendly application can streamline the process and lower costs for the nearly 2 million private and for-hire carriers who want a way out of the tangled web of endless paperwork. Using a simplified and automated system, Ztrucking processes tasks like scheduling preventive maintenance to ensure highway safety. Using SaaS technology, ZTrucking runs background tasks each night to stay up to date with safety and compliance deadlines. As a result, the ZTrucking system alleviates the fear of failed inspections, missing records, or unexpected audits.

Many family-owned trucking companies went belly up despite the pandemic boom, and it’s not just because of high fuel prices, low rates, and rising maintenance costs. Shoddy bookkeeping, missing maintenance records, and expired deadlines create the perfect storm for an eventual shutdown. Now, this revolutionary software is bringing order to the logistical nightmare.

ZTrucking, the brainchild of Ethiopian-born Estifanos, organizes everything from maintenance schedules to the last random driver drug test dates. The AI technology that powers ZTrucking was developed by former Google employees who wanted to reinvent the freight and shipping industry. Today ZTrucking is leveling the playing field for small owners by giving them the power of a team of employees in this one automated system.

After transitioning from his potion at Google, Estifanos married his Master’s degree in engineering with his trucking investments to solve these urgent concerns plaguing the industry and, in some cases, causing certain death to startups who cannot keep up with the reams of requests on the federal and state level. But, he adds, “We are totally focused on helping the small and medium sized carriers stay safe and FMCSA compliant.”

The state-of-the-art ZTrucking platform helps smaller businesses compete with the big boys! In addition, the system allows users to save time and money by bringing balance and insight to the hundreds of documents that require attention each year.

For instance, carriers spend countless hours creating driver payments, but ZTrucking offers an error-free payment that can be emailed to the driver. In addition, the software calculates fleets and expenses while providing an easy-to-read summary. Everything a company needs is right at the touch of a button. Fleet managers, dispatchers, mechanics, and human resources can access identical records through the cloud, making the maintenance of the vehicles, licensing, and forms a one-stop shop.

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