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Videoconferencing Security Considerations: New Report from Cyberint

Excerpt: “With the ongoing COVID19 pandemic and the unprecedented global situation, many have adopted the use of popular videoconferencing platforms. In addition to organizations facilitating and supporting employees working from home, many educational establishments, groups and individuals have also flocked to these platforms to maintain contact during these periods of government-enforced movement restrictions.

One such videoconferencing platform that has gained significant popularity so far in 2020 is [1]Zoom, with, according to [2]Bernstein analyst reports, over 2.22 million new users flocking to the service so far this year versus an estimated 1.99 million users added throughout the whole of 2019.

As is to be expected with increased popularity and usage, Zoom has also caught the attention of nefarious parties that are ‘Zoom bombing’, the act of uninvited participants disrupting conferences, as well as increased scrutiny by various parties leading to the identification of potential vulnerabilities and privacy concerns.

Based on the increased activity surrounding the Zoom videoconferencing platform, this report seeks to provide an overview of the current known threats in order that both organizations and individuals can better protect themselves and their videoconference participants.”

DOWNLOAD THE REPORT: https://e.cyberint.com/hubfs/Cyberint-Zoom%20Videoconferencing%20Security%20Considerations.pdf