Zone·tv™ Announces Next-Gen Studio™ Offering

In a FAST-paced world, Studio enables media companies and operators to quickly enhance existing video services and create new offerings

The magic of Studio is its ability to quickly create stories, channels or categories across all platforms and devices.”

— Jeff Weber, CEO of Zone·tv

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CA, October 7, 2021 / — Zone·tv announced the market release of its next-gen “Studio” cloud platform and brand – delivering a suite of A.I.-enhanced video programming & curation tools for FAST (Free Ad-supported Streaming TV), AVOD and SVOD services.

In today’s highly competitive media and entertainment industry, it’s critical for content providers to meet and exceed the demands of their viewers by offering the most personalized experience possible across all devices. Zone·tv has redefined the nature of video entertainment throughout the industry by precisely addressing these needs. Studio’s robust programming tools enable the seamless creation of intelligent, personally curated, automated, and highly engaging thematic linear channels that help viewers discover content that appeals to their own sensibilities.

Studio is a cloud-based video curation and programming platform that uses proprietary software and Machine Learning algorithms developed by zone·tv. The platform is designed to provide the tools to enable rich, curated content discovery and personalized lean-back viewing experiences.

The Studio suite is comprised of five core tools: Curation Studio, Programming Studio, A.I. Studio, Ad Studio & Configuration Studio. These studios connect content to the audience, enabling content owners, operators and media companies of all sizes, the power and flexibility to create and monetize unique video products and services quickly and easily across traditional Pay TV set-top boxes, connected TV devices, mobile apps, and web browsers.

Onboarding existing video libraries is simple; however, the meta data is another story. Studio upgrades the video content metadata that feeds its unique algorithms. These algorithms power Programming Studio to automatically curate or assist professional programmers in curating compelling video stories and publish to every major consumer video device.

The result is the epitome of modern curation and programming. Content Owners and Distributors benefit from this powerful platform to engage audiences in new ways; from simple streaming channels to next-gen viewing experiences.

The key is Studio’s A.I. models which are trained based on anonymized customer viewership data and which can tap into other 3rd party data sources, creating a continual stream of machine-curated video stories. The same engine allows viewers to take control with the click of the button to create their own content stories and telescope deep into the content offering.

“The magic of Studio is its ability to quickly create stories, channels or categories across all platforms and devices,” said Jeff Weber, CEO of Zone·tv. “We have worked with numerous companies thus far, creating sophisticated AVOD and SVOD experiences across multiple MVPD environments, creating advanced AI-powered Dynamic Channels as well as creating simple streaming channels for delivery across a range of connected devices – and the results have been fantastic.”

The Studio platform can be leveraged to deliver a wide range of entertainment experiences. For example, Studio was integral to creating the first ever A.I.-powered kids’ channel for the UK market. This next-gen experience leveraged simple on-demand content rights already under license. The finished service was delivered and launched in just six weeks.

Studio was also used to create a first of its kind personalized set of branded channels for a connected device maker, delivering 6,000 hours of exciting, curated content to subscribers through a unique set of virtual channels. These are only two of many ways media companies and operators can take advantage of the powerful Studio platform.

See the power of Studio in action! Access our zone·ify™ FAST service (powered by Studio) on the App Stores, your local TV service provider or online at

About Zone·tv:
Zone·tv owns and produces an innovative next-gen FAST service called zone·ify™. Zone·ify provides an impressive line-up of 8,000 hours of professionally and A.I. curated exclusive video stories under 12 thematic channels. The 13th channel (my·zone) is completely personalized to the viewer’s tastes – It’s like Spotify for TV! The zone·tv™ Studio suite of tools that powers zone·ify, also enables any content owner, distributor or operator to create highly curated and personalized video services using their own content.
Zone·tv’s diverse programming can be seen on Pay TV, Mobile and Connected TV devices including: Comcast Xfinity X1, DIRECTV, Rogers Ignite TV, Shaw BlueCurve TV, Videotron Helix TV, DISH Sling, Bell Fibe TV, Cox Contour 2 TV, Armstrong Cable, Android TV, FireTV, Roku, Apple TV, iOS and Android mobile. The company has offices in Toronto, Canada.
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