YOUU Health Cloud among the first to support GPT-4 for behavioral health

YOUUniverse Health Cloud

YOUU Health will use GPT-4 with its finely-tuned data from 7 million days of clinical observations

DALLAS, TX, USA, March 22, 2023 / — YOUU Health announced today that its fine-tuned behavioral health dataset using GPT-3.5 will be upgraded immediately to GPT-4 upon its commercial release from Microsoft Azure in early April 2023. YOUU Health joins other existing priority users to be the first to support this new large language generative AI model.

“With today’s announcement of GPT-4 by the Azure OpenAI Service we are production-ready to begin immediately applying the most advanced AI model yet for use in our YOUUniverse Health Cloud platform”, said Ed DeShields, President and CEO of YOUU Health.

The YOUUniverse Health Cloud is a full-stack healthcare platform specifically designed for behavioral healthcare. Its extensive use of augmented intelligence and digital health technology reimagines the traditional healthIT and electronic healthcare record systems (EHRs) that often create an administrative burden on healthcare workers.

Using over 7 million days of fine-tuned behavioral health observations, the YOUUniverse uses these new capabilities for human-assisted insight on risk prevention, intervention, diagnostics support and practice management among other uses. It has been proven to improve the delivery of behavioral health thus making care measurably more efficient and effective.

Mark Cole, YOUU Health’s Chief Operating Officer commented, “our pre-testing of GPT-4 fine-tuned data layer is an order of magnitude improvement in data science that will drive better outcomes and lower healthcare costs.”

The company has been an innovative user of AI and large language generative AI models with its proprietary health data architecture, so healthcare works better in the global markets it currently supports.

The YOUUniverse is a part of a family of healthy community health platforms. It serves many vertical applications and all acuities from hospitalization, partial hospitalization, outpatient, continuing care and lifestyle communities that encourage treatment, prevention and personal development.

These communities are part of three important health segments; mental and behavioral health and personal development. It serves people who need clinical assistance with a life-controlling issue or non-clinical community management for self-improvement and personal growth.

Available worldwide in over 125 markets any community builder can now reach anywhere in the world to hyper-connect other communities to build the size, scope and revenue opportunity large markets have to offer.

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