Xygeni Unveils Cutting-Edge Software Supply Chain Security Solutions at Black Hat Europe 2023

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Xygeni takes a bold step forward with the launch of groundbreaking Software Supply Chain Security products at Black Hat Europe 2023.

These innovations embody our commitment to empowering customers with unparalleled visibility, security, and control over their software development lifecycles.”

— Jesus Cuadrado, Chief Product Officer of Xygeni.

LONDON, LONDON, ENGLAND, November 30, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Xygeni, a leading provider of Software Supply Chain Security (SSCS) solutions, takes a bold step forward with the launch of groundbreaking products at Black Hat Europe 2023. Focused on comprehensive security coverage, Xygeni introduces innovative tools designed to fortify the entire software development lifecycle (SDLC).

“These innovations embody our commitment to empowering customers with unparalleled visibility, security, and control over their software development lifecycles.” remarked Jesus Cuadrado, Chief Product Officer of Xygeni.”Our products are meticulously designed to provide our customers with unparalleled clarity in asset management, robust defenses against CI/CD vulnerabilities, and sophisticated detection of anomaly detection. We believe that they will not only enhance security postures but also drive operational excellence across the software development spectrum.”

Unveiling SDLC Inventory: Illuminating the Dark Corners of Software Supply Chains
Xygeni introduces SDLC Inventory, a cutting-edge solution addressing visibility challenges in the Software Supply Chain. With features like automated discovery, dynamic inventory systems, and dependency mapping, SDLC Inventory provides unparalleled insight into software ecosystems. This comprehensive solution empowers organizations to:
Gain complete visibility into all assets within the SDLC
Identify and track third-party components and libraries
Monitor and analyze dependency relationships

CI/CD Security: Safeguarding the Heart of DevSecOps
In today’s fast-paced development environment, the CI/CD pipeline has emerged as a critical component of the SDLC. However, this pipeline often faces security oversights, making it a prime target for attackers. Xygeni’s CI/CD Security solution addresses this gap by providing:
Uncover potential security vulnerabilities and support their remediation
Enforce corporate security policies and strengthen compliance with security standards
Security configuration assessment and enforcement to secure integration, build, and delivery operations.

Anomaly Detection: Proactive Defense Against Attacks
ad actors pose a significant risk to organizations, leveraging internal and external knowledge to exploit security vulnerabilities. Xygeni’s Anomaly Detection solution proactively identifies irregularities within the Software Supply Chain, including:
Continuous monitoring activity from users in the DevOps infrastructure
Detection of security configuration and critical file modifications
Real-time identification and notification of unusual activities from users that could represent an attempt of attack or an identity theft.
By detecting these anomalies early on, organizations can take immediate action to prevent insider attacks and safeguard their valuable data.

Join Xygeni at Black Hat Europe 2023
Xygeni invites attendees to explore its innovative solutions and engage with the team at Black Hat Europe 2023. Luis Garcia Viejo, Sales Support Manager, will lead a sponsored session on “OWASP TOP-10 CI/CD – Pipeline Security Risks in Practice,” offering practical insights into securing CI/CD pipelines.

Visit Xygeni’s booth at Number 631 for live demos, discussions, and cybersecurity trivia. Follow Xygeni on LinkedIn and Twitter for exclusive surprises during the event.

About Xygeni
Xygeni stands as a pioneer in Software Supply Chain Security, offering a comprehensive suite of solutions to safeguard organizations throughout the entire SDLC. From continuous monitoring to anomaly detection, Xygeni empowers businesses to navigate the complexities of modern software development securely, ensuring the integrity and protection of their software products and customer data.

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