Wrangled Insights launches first-ever, enterprise-ready, AI ‘Financial Research Analyst’

Edward Moss, CEO

Simon Moss, BoD Chair

Users turn unstructured and structured data into dynamic AI-generated research
in less time than it takes for a coffee break…and with deeper insights

The platform minimizes human bias, resulting in more impartial decisions. It often reveals unexpected connections or trends. And users get explainable results throughout the entire process.”

— Gary Huff, CRO

AUSTIN, TX, UNITED STATES, April 22, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Wrangled Insights today announced the official launch of its first-of-its-kind, highly anticipated, generative AI-driven Financial Research Analyst.

“It won’t take the place of human analysts,” says Wrangled Insights CEO Edward Moss, “It’s about augmenting their capabilities, allowing them to focus on high-value tasks over routine information gathering.

“The Wrangled Insights platform works with structured and unstructured data in any data format,” he adds. “It gives analysts the ability to create dynamic, AI-generated reports or notes by having back-and-forth, generative AI conversations with their data, revealing deeper and quicker insights than ever before.”

A user-friendly, four-step process

Unlike other data wrangling platforms, the AI-driven Financial Research Analyst organizes data from any source, integrates it into a user’s desired format, then analyzes it with the utmost precision. The entire process is completed in four uncomplicated steps:

1. The user connects any type of document, database, application or source data.

2. The platform then automatically pulls financial data from unstructured and structured documents and structures it into the user’s desired research format.

3. The user then generates and publishes dynamic research based on the wrangled data. Equity notes, blogs, market commentaries, risk reviews, presentations and more — all with dynamic modeling for at-a-glance insights.

4. Users then can finalize their reports by asking natural-language questions and receiving immediate, generative AI answers.

According to Moss, the generative AI function allows users to dig deeper, run research, get instant answers and create insight alerts for real-time information as conditions change and corporate actions are undertaken.

Enterprise-ready solution

According to Wrangled Insights Chief Revenue Officer Gary Huff, the new platform provides an enterprise-ready solution, scalable platform and application that also addresses compliance, regulatory and supervisory management, support and adaptability.

“The tech stack easily scales to accommodate growing data volumes and user load,” says Moss. “Security features protect sensitive data, including encryption, access controls and regular security audits. It is hosted within Google Cloud Platform, allowing for greater InfoSec as well as being ISO 27001 certified.”

He adds that the platform features seamless integration capabilities with existing enterprise systems and software through APIs or custom connectors and is also compatible with various platforms and devices.

“And,” he says, “it’s priced to be truly cost effective, including integration, operation, maintenance and scalability costs.”

A pioneering force in AI innovation

“Our goal is to redefine the landscape of data solutions,” says Moss. “With a wealth of experience in full-stack development, enterprise software, SaaS and IT strategy, our team stands at the forefront of innovation. From analytics to vector databases, LLMs to AWS cloud formation, Python to risk management, our seasoned professionals bring a diverse skill set honed through years of dedication and mastery. Having held pivotal engineering, data science and management roles at industry titans such as SymphonyAI, JPMorgan Chase, NASA, Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, Teradata, IBM and Infosys, our team has helped steer the technological evolution.”

Investment strategy reimagined

Huff points out that, beyond the apparent advantages of efficiency, accuracy and insight, the Wrangled Insight Financial Research Analyst provides additional benefits.

“Users routinely discover risks they otherwise would have missed,” he says. “The platform minimizes human bias, resulting in more impartial decisions. It often reveals unexpected connections or trends. And users get explainable results throughout the entire process.

“It’s truly a way to revolutionize investment strategy,” he says.

Demonstrations are underway

According to Moss, every analyst who has participated in demonstrations of the Wrangled Insights Financial Research Analyst has reacted with enthusiasm at the quality of the AI-generated equity reports and the amount of time saved through the entire process.

Analysts are encouraged to schedule a no-obligation demonstration at www.WrangledInsights.com.

About Wrangled Insights:

Wrangled Insights revolutionizes how businesses approach data management and the generation of event and real-time insights, making the entire process more intelligent, efficient, dynamic, adaptive and cost effective.

By anchoring the process in generative AI, the Wrangled Insights platform provides a new “business problem first” approach, giving data the power to tell its story. Not only does it make data management smarter, it also makes the creation of business value exponentially faster and much more cost effective.
It is the first solution in decades to empower organizations to rule their own data, with its first solution focused on increasing the quality and real-time characteristics of equity research — the “Financial Research Analyst” — enabling real-time creation of equity notes, event-driven market commentaries and maximizing the ability of equity research to create, adapt and publish relevant and focused market commentaries.


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