Work From Home’s Impact on IT

A recent survey from Sectigo reveals data on WFH’s impact on IT. The data dives into remote work’s impact on productivity, performance and security from the perspective of 500 IT professionals during the pandemic.

Key takeaways include:

  • Revenue-generating projects on hold 
    • Nearly 2 in 5 companies put revenue-generating projects on hold during the first month of the lockdown, instead reallocating those resources to ensure that their remote work systems were operational with minimal downtime.
  • Cybersecurity initiatives on hold
    • 44% of companies delayed cybersecurity initiatives for one month or more while they focused on remote work setup.
  • False sense of security
    • Although security breaches doubled in 2019 and the broad use of traditional security measures have proven to be vulnerable, nearly 75% of respondents believe their companies are investing “the right amount” on cybersecurity.
  • Productivity increased
    • 49% indicated that employee productivity at their company has increased as a result of the remote working measures—a surprising and encouraging number, given how rapidly workers were forced to adjust to the situation.
    • C-Level IT pros (63%) are more likely than mid-level (40%) and non-management (41%) IT pros to feel that overall productivity has increased.