Waterstons partner with Avertro to offer cybersecurity ‘Team and Tech’ solution

Waterstons and Avertro are partnered

We hear businesses lamenting over the lack of time, resources, and cyber-specific skills to deliver on cybersecurity, so this made a lot of sense”

— Andrey Derevyanko, Head of Customer Success, APAC

SYDNEY, NSW, AUSTRALIA, October 29, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — In response to increasing cybersecurity risks, resourcing demands, and a cyber-skill shortage, Waterstons and leading Australian start-up Avertro have partnered to enable organisations to build and scale a cybersecurity function in weeks.

The launch has come following Avertro’s Cyber Leadership Effectiveness Report (July 2021) showing 68.3% of organisations primarily consider cyber security as a technology function.

This is despite the OAIC Notifiable Data Breaches Report finding that human factors dominate the latest data breach statistics.

The clear conclusion is that tech does not operate in a vacuum and that cybersecurity solutions comprise of people, process, strategy, and technology.

Boards and leaders have been forced to consider how they will build this capability in the face of increased online exposure due to COVID-19, and a 15% increase in the number of Ransomware attacks during the last financial year in Australia alone.

But the perfect storm of skills shortages and lack of cybersecurity expertise has shown without the right ‘team and tech’ approach, new efforts are difficult to execute.

Andrey Derevyanko said the Waterstons and Avertro partnership will solve this time-to-value problem.

“We hear businesses lamenting over the lack of time, resources, and cyber-specific skills to deliver on cybersecurity, so this made a lot of sense,” said Andrey, Head of Customer Success at Waterstons.

Waterstons and Avertro have partnered up to offer the industry a holistic service that combines expertise, resources, and technology to make the right decisions, at the right time.

Ian Yip, founder of Avertro and former CTO of McAfee APAC, identified one of the key challenges at the enterprise level was that the executive and board layer does not receive insights around cybersecurity, to make informed decisions.

“Board and senior leadership accountability for cyber risk is increasing for very necessary reasons. Organisations need to rapidly right-size their cybersecurity capabilities and bridge the systemic disconnect between cyber teams and senior decision makers,” said Yip.

Avertro CyberHQ is a cybersecurity decision management, automation, and visualisation platform that enables tracking of cybersecurity posture, costs, effectiveness, and more.

As Avertro was growing rapidly, Waterstons opened their Australian offices after servicing the European region for over 30 years.

As a Cyber Security Services Provider, Waterstons has been engaged by organisations that had historically used a technology first approach that didn’t achieve the intended results.

To elicit the most value from technology investments, Waterstons works with companies to change the mindset to incorporate a people, process, and technology approach – particularly in the new security focused market.

Avertro is affably tagged with ‘the cyber-why company’ highlighting the impetus for founding the start-up: a way to empower the enterprise to understand the ‘Why’ of their strategy, not just satisfying compliance mandates.

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