Waji Mental Health announces a special price for Mental Health Awareness Month in May and PTSD Awareness Month in June

Waji is Perfect For Any Type of PTSD, Trauma and Phobia.

Waji is self-guided, but guesswork-free. Just log in online, and allow Waji to gently guide your session.

Trailblazing digital therapeutics company provides a more accessible & innovative approach to treating PTSD, trauma and phobias with their online PTSD therapy.

Waji was so Shockingly easy it seemed crazy. Other therapies
I tried were such hard work!!”

— Pax Laguna

REDMOND, WA, USA, May 4, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Waji announces a special price for Mental Health Awareness Month in May and PTSD Awareness Month in June

The trailblazing digital therapeutics company that provides an innovative approach to treating PTSD, trauma, and phobias will make their online PTSD therapy even more accessible.

Waji announces a special price for Mental Health Awareness Month in May and PTSD Awareness Month in June. Waji takes an innovative approach to assisting people suffering from PTSD, trauma, and phobias by offering a new, non-invasive way for them to heal in the privacy of their own homes. To commemorate both significant months designated as times to focus on emotional, psychological, and social well-being, the innovative company known for its effective online PTSD & trauma treatment tool will offer its service at a discounted rate of $39 per month.

“Traditional therapies don’t work well for PTSD, ASD (Acute Stress Disorder), trauma or phobias because most therapy only engages the logical side of your brain, but trauma is associated with the emotional side of your brain, a place most therapies can’t reach,” says Dr. David Bonanno, Waji’s co-founder. “This is where Waji enters the picture.”

Waji’s approach does not necessitate years of expensive talk therapy or pharmaceuticals that simply do not work well for PTSD, it’s an inexpensive solution that works quickly to end symptoms while providing long-term relief. Waji is a proprietary self-guided eye-movement-based therapy that is specifically designed to aid in the painless healing of PTSD and trauma without the need for discussion, by engaging the non-verbal parts of the brain responsible for the overactive trauma response. The online rapid eye movement therapy is safe, simple, and convenient. Similarly, the therapy seeks to gradually reduce the distress associated with a person’s trauma in a much more manageable manner than most other therapies.

Dr. Bonanno and the Waji team make it their mission to assist as many people as possible through this process by providing them with an affordable, less painful, and more effective treatment that does not require a substantial time commitment. The company’s special rate during Mental Health Awareness Month in May and PTSD Awareness Month in June is yet another way Waji is living up to its mission.

About Waji: Waji, headquartered in Redmond, Washington, is a pioneering digital therapeutics firm with a novel approach to healing from a wide range of issues such as PTSD, ASD, trauma, and phobias. Waji uses an easy-to-use online proprietary healing process and powerful rapid-eye-movement technology to address the root cause and help process unresolved trauma quickly and naturally without having to talk about what happened. “Our online treatment tool makes it quicker, easier, and more affordable than ever to get back to living a symptom-free life.”

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