Voxco adds six new features to its insights platform

Voxco insights rolls out new updates enabling seamless research experience and enhancing data insights.

MONTREAL, QUEBEC, CANADA, January 19, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Voxco Insights, the actionable insights platform today, introduced six new features it has added to its online survey platform-
Multi-Factor Authentication.
Panelist Traceability.
Survey Automation.
NPS Feedback Collection.
Real-Time Sentiment Analysis.
Sentiment Trends Chart.

The new features are a part of Voxco Research’s user capabilities-building initiatives. Within the last year, Voxco has added five new features. Now again, it’s launching six new powerful features that will transform how its users gather, measure, uncover, and act on data.

“We believe there’s tremendous potential in the delightful process of survey creation, especially in how a user exercises control on our survey platform. Our upcoming features aim to diminish the barrier between the user and platform security and give more power to the users.”
-Sumit Aneja, CEO

Multi-Factor Authentication

With this new update, access Voxco Survey Platform (Online + Multimode) with a 2nd authentication factor via email to strengthen access security. In addition to the username and password, users need an additional verification factor to access the Voxco environment.

Learn more: https://www.voxco.com/multi-factor-authentication/

Panelist Traceability

Now you can track and manage your panelists with their dates of creation & confirmation. Filter, export, or delete panelists based on the two date filters.

Learn more: https://www.voxco.com/panelist-filter-traceability/

NPS Feedback Collection
Design your NPS surveys with a customized follow-up question to gather insight into the NPS score. Ask an open-ended question based on the scores of promoters, passives, or detractors.

Learn more: https://www.voxco.com/nps-feedback-collection/

Survey Automation
Automate survey distribution and eliminate manual work by setting up custom triggers in our salesforce integration.

Learn more: https://www.voxco.com/close-the-loop/

Real-time Sentiment Analysis
With this update, open text is automatically analyzed to recognize the sentiment of the text in real-time.

Learn more: https://www.voxco.com/text-analysis/

Sentiment Trends Chart
With the trends chart, users can make better decisions that align with what their target customers actually want. Monitor changes in customer sentiment with respect to time.

Learn more: https://www.voxco.com/text-analysis/

With an existing set of robust features, Voxco ensures a seamless end-to-end solution for more than 500+ enterprises looking to gather feedback, measure sentiment, uncover insights & act on them. It empowers organizations to conduct insightful research, uncover actionable insights, and fuel customer experiences.

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To read the blog announcement, visit: https://www.voxco.com/blog/voxco-adds-six-new-features-to-its-online-survey-platform/
For more on the Voxco platform, visit: www.voxco.com

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