Unplugged integrates Zimperium technology to launch its mobile-defense app, UP Defender

The privacy-focused mobile developer unveils a new protection app featuring Zimperium’s patented machine-learning-powered mobile security software


Tel Aviv, Israel March 2023 —  Unplugged, the company focused on bringing true privacy and security to everyday consumer communications, incorporates new technology from enterprise-grade mobile security platform Zimperium. As part of the tech-level integration, Unplugged utilizes Zimperium’s patented machine-learning technology in its newly available UP Defender antivirus mobile app.


Any line of defense is only as strong as its weakest link, and mobile protection is no different. As tech developers and businesses continue to grapple with the spam bot epidemic, and with roughly 80% of cyberattacks happening on third-party apps, the demand for mobile defense is surging. But securing devices from unwanted monitoring and malicious actors has become a 360-degree issue that now requires a robust infrastructure to protect multiple entry points. Americans lost nearly $30 billion in phone scams in 2021 alone, which means daily tech usage requires protection that matches hackers and scammers in sophistication and agility.


Unplugged’s newest addition to its privacy-reclaiming mobile app roster, UP Defender, acts as a shield against everyday smartphone threats. The app provides complete endpoint detection and response (EDR) tools that create a protective layer for the most sensitive smartphone vulnerabilities such as malicious file scanning and network threat detection. By integrating Zimperium’s mobile Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP) component, UP Defender proactively fortifies users from common and complex security risks. This includes shielding users from unsafe Wi-Fi networks, phishing, and malware attacks in real-time.


Anyone with an Android device can download Unplugged’s privacy-focused App Suite, which includes a VPN, App Store, and Messenger. The bundle offers a comprehensive software bundle that works in confluence to create a multi-point network of defense and privacy. In addition to its comprehensive software offering, Unplugged readies for the launch of its UP Phone, a flagship mobile built from the ground up to return data privacy and security to the hands of the user.


“Integrating our newest app with Zimperium’s innovative protection tools indicates a really strong year ahead for Unplugged,” says Ryan Paterson, President of Unplugged. “We reached many milestones in 2022 and this only sets up more momentum to reach our ultimate goals in bringing true privacy and security to users around the world.”


About Unplugged

Unplugged is a software and secure smartphone solution designed to protect users from interception, hacking, and to keep data where it belongs, in your hands only. The UP App Suite encompasses a software roster that prioritizes privacy, security, and freedom above all else. These selections include the secure UP Messenger, the UP Store, with a world-class VPN, and proprietary UP Anti-Virus. Unplugged’s UP Phone is the next frontier in mobile hardware built with privacy by design, unlocking secure and unrestrained technology for all. To learn more, please visit https://www.unplugged.com/


About Zimperium

ZIMPERIUM is a mobile security startup that offers protection for mobile devices against the next generation of advanced mobile attacks. Its flagship solutions protect mobile devices from modern cybersecurity threats. ZIMPERIUM provides a complete mobile security system that continuously runs on the device to provide visibility, security, and management for iOS and Android devices. With its non-intrusive approach, users can be confident that their data and their privacy are protected at all times, both on and off the corporate network. To learn more, visit https://www.zimperium.com/