ThinkWhy Releases Cybersecurity Analyst Salary Report

ThinkWhy has published a Cybersecurity Analyst Salary Report

Key highlights include:

  • Computer and Mathematical jobs, which include cybersecurity, are projected to grow 12.6% percent from 2021-2025, much faster than the 10.1% percent job growth average forecast for all occupations, and experience 15.6% wage growth in that timeframe.
  • Recommended salary for this role in Dallas is $106,932 and expected to increase 2.3% by the end of 2022. Report also includes other metros salaries.
  • The recommended salary is 6.8% higher than the national median salary of $91,986.

For context, the Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) reports more than 4 million unfilled cybersecurity positions globally, and 38% of its survey respondents point to pay as the top contributing factor. Interestingly, while all organizations have a need for cybersecurity, the demand is not consistent across the U.S.  Certain states such as Virginia, Texas, Nevada, Maryland and North Carolina have the most demand, and employers must ensure that their salary offers are based on current competitive compensation data.