The world’s first credit card dedicated to diamond ownership

Unlocking the Value and Prestige of Natural Diamonds

DiamondPower showcases the unique value and prestige of owning a natural diamond, as these two types can be visually indistinguishable.”

— Louis Valentine, Creator

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, June 2, 2023/ — DiamondPower™ is a groundbreaking new product that aims to showcase the unique value and prestige of owning a natural diamond. With a DiamondPower™ Card, consumers can enjoy exclusive incentives and special offers from luxury sellers and financial institutions, highlighting the intrinsic worth of natural diamonds over lab-grown or synthetic alternatives.

“The Patent Pending DiamondPower™ Card aims to serve as the ultimate differentiator between lab-grown and natural diamonds. The purpose of the DiamondPower™ Card is to help consumers distinguish between lab-grown and natural diamonds, as these two types are visually indistinguishable without industry instruments. By using the card, consumers may be able to verify the authenticity and origin of a diamond, ensuring transparency in the market”, says Louis Valentine the creator of the DiamondPower™card.

DiamondPower™ takes this value proposition even further, allowing cardholders to unlock the full financial potential of their natural diamond. After 90 days of owning a DiamondPower™ Card, cardholders can access unique short-term loans and in-store credit without relinquishing their diamond as collateral, providing a new level of financial flexibility.

To obtain a DiamondPower™ Card, you simply show proof of physical diamond ownership and a matching grading report from a gemological laboratory to one of our affiliate jewelers or gemologists anywhere in the world. Once the natural diamond is verified, our manufacturing partner at Metal Credit Card, (MCC) a U.S.-based company specializing in upgrading plastic credit cards to metal, will convert your existing plastic credit card to a metal card. This process allows us to offer any bank-issued credit card from Visa™ Mastercard™ Discover™ and American Express™ into DiamondPower card without distributing any bank incentives programs. “Through this process, we’re able to offer natural diamond owners everywhere in the world the opportunity to obtain a DiamondPower card with no annual membership, bank application, or credit check”, says Cynthia V.P. of Creative.

Overall, DiamondPower™ represents the future of diamond ownership, offering a new level of financial flexibility and unlocking the value and prestige of natural diamonds. Vincent Torres, the CEO of Metal Credit Card, believes that luxury is not defined by “what you own but by how you feel.” Join the exclusive community of natural diamond owners and experience the power of DiamondPower™ today at:

DiamondPower™ is created by Louis Valentine a 20-year veteran of online B2B diamond and jewelry industry services. VirginLand LLC owns DiamondPower™; a U.S.-based company. Contact: Cynthia, VP of Creative at:

Founded in 2013, is the world’s first service to upgrade plastic debit or credit cards to metal. This unique engraving service has introduced a luxury upgrade once reserved for the wealthy and affluent to the general public

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