The Future of Swimming: NANEAU Unveils Revolutionary Chlorine-Free, Salt-Free Oxygen Nanobubble Swimming Pool System

This Nano Oxygen Pool is Completely Chlorine Free and is Nestled in the Hollywood Hills in Sherman Oaks!

Actual Nanobubble Generator Installation Of Chlorine Free Oxygen Pool!

Actual Oxygen Generator Installation Of Chlorine Free Oxygen Pool!

After over three years of meticulous development and real-world testing, this cutting-edge system is now available to the general public!

The only truly zero chemical system for cleaning swimming pools is the NANEAU Chlorine Free Nano Oxygen Swimming Pool system. This system uses billions of tiny activated oxygen bubbles and minerals.”

— Charlles Bohdy

ORLANDO, FLORIDA, USA, May 27, 2024 / —, a pioneer in innovative pool technology, is thrilled to announce the launch of its groundbreaking Chlorine-Free, Salt-Free Oxygen Nanobubble Swimming Pool System. After over three years of meticulous development and real-world testing, this cutting-edge system is now available to the general public, revolutionizing the way we experience swimming pools. Traditional swimming pool systems saturate the body in a toxic chemical soup or pickling brine- that’s hazardous to the health!

The new system represents a paradigm shift in pool sanitation, departing from traditional chlorine-based methods and ushering in a new era of health, well-being, and environmental consciousness. Consumers want a new method a better way, and we offer exactly that. By harnessing the power of oxygen concentration, activated oxygen, mineral ionization, and nanobubbles, has created a pool system that completely and totally eliminates the need for any harsh chemicals or salt while delivering the unparalleled water quality swimming pool owners need.

Traditional Pool Technologies Are Harmful to Health
Conventional wet chlorine pools or dry chlorine salt pools leave swimmers with dry skin, irritated eyes, and a distinct chemical odors. Wet chlorine pools produce DPB’s or disinfection by-broducts, like chloramines and trihalomethanes. Chloramines are toxic chemicals produced when chlorine reacts with organic debris like skin sweat and urine. Trihalomethanes are formed when other types of organic debris react with chlorine. Salt pool systems are often thought to be non chloirine pools; but did you know that they are actually just a way to add chlorine in the form of salt or NaCl? It’s a fact that Salt pools shear the chlorine from the sodium and leave behind toxic levels of sodium, This sodium can be hazardous to your health especially with high blood pressure. What’s worse certain types of bacteria, like legionella thrive in salt water and are not affected by normal levels of chlorine!

A Swimming Pool Paradigm Shift

Chlorine-Free, Salt-Free Oxygen Nanobubble Swimming Pool Systems offer an invigorating experience that is gentle on the body and mind. The innovative nanobubble technology infuses the water with ultrafine and nano oxygen bubbles, enhancing skin hydration and promoting relaxation. Swimmers will emerge from the pool feeling rejuvenated, with noticeably softer hair and skin.

Key Features and Benefits:

• Chlorine-Free and Salt-Free: No Chlorine means no more showering after swimming in the pool red eyes or discomfort and eliminates the health concerns associated with chlorine and DBP exposure. Our system replaces traditional chemicals with advanced oxygen concentration mineral ions and activated oxygen for a safer and more enjoyable swimming experience.

• Revolutionary Nanobubble Technology: Oxygen nanobubbles have been scientifically proven to have numerous health benefits, including improved circulation, increased oxygen delivery to cells, and enhanced skin hydration. Experience the healing power of nanobubbles with every dip.

• Mineral Ionization: By incorporating mineral ionization, our system helps maintain a stable and clean pool environment, completely eliminating, not merely reducing the need for chemical additives. This contributes to a more environmentally friendly and sustainable solution.

• Exceptional Water Quality: The Chlorine-Free Oxygen Nanobubble Swimming Pool System ensures crystal-clear water that sparkles with vitality. Experience the joy of swimming in pure, pristine water without the eye and skin irritation associated with traditional pools.

• Easy Installation: offers seamless installation, backed by our team of experts. Transform your existing pool and your swimming experience without harsh salt or chlorine.

“ is dedicated to redefining the way we enjoy swimming pools,” said :Charlles:Bohdy, the Product Developer at “Our Chlorine-Free, Salt-Free Oxygen Nanobubble Swimming Pool System is the result of years of innovation, research, and dedication to providing a healthier and more luxurious pool experience. We are excited to share this breakthrough technology with the world.”

Discover the future of pool technology and embrace a chlorine-free, salt-free, and get the oxygen-rich swimming experience, swimmers need.. For more information about the revolutionary Chlorine-Free Oxygen Nanobubble Swimming Pool System, visit or contact Veronica at

About is a pioneering company in the field of pool technology, committed to developing innovative solutions that prioritize health, sustainability, and overall well-being. With years of research and development, has introduced the world to the Chlorine-Free, Salt-Free Oxygen Nanobubble Swimming Pool System, revolutionizing the pool experience for generations to come.

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