The Disruptive Futures Institute’s Book “Disruption as a Springboard for Value Creation” Becomes a Bestseller

The Definitive Guide to Thriving on Disruption Bestseller

The Definitive Guide to Thriving on Disruption: Volume IV – “Disruption as a Springboard to Value Creation”

Disruptive Futures Institute

“Disruption as a Springboard for Value Creation” Becomes a Bestseller in Green Business, Sustainability, Strategic Management, Forecasting & Future Studies

Systemic disruption will drive significant shifts in business models. Learn how to capitalize on these shifts by using disruption as a springboard to create sustainable value.”

— Roger Spitz

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, USA, April 20, 2023/ — The Disruptive Futures Institute released its fourth and final Volume from The Definitive Guide to Thriving on Disruption, which has become an instant classic.

This influential new “Volume IV – Disruption as a Springboard to Value Creation” reached 1 Bestseller in Green Business (Kindle), Bestseller for Sustainable Development Economics (Kindle), and Bestseller in Green Business (print) on Amazon.

This book, which focuses on disruption as a springboard for sustainable value creation, also reached 1 Bestseller in Future Studies (Ingram), and 1 New Release on Amazon Kindle in the following categories: Strategic Management, Business Planning & Forecasting, Business Education, Business Planning & Forecasting, Organizational Learning, and Business Technology Innovation.

Practitioner use cases from Volume IV, such as Cervest and their applications of climate intelligence, inform the work of Techistential (Strategic Foresight & Sustainable Futures) and the Disruptive Futures Institute to provide field-ready case studies for sustainable value creation.

The Definitive Guide to Thriving on Disruption is the brainchild of celebrated futurist Roger Spitz, a world-leading authority on foresight, sustainability, and transformative innovation.

A Fresh Perspective on Systemic Disruption:
Volume IV “Disruption as a Springboard to Value Creation” offers a fresh perspective on what our unpredictable, complex, and systemic world means for you as a business, leadership team, investor, or policymaker. The book dives deep into the following questions:

– What does our complex and unpredictable world mean for you as a business?
– How to develop Anticipatory Governance for leadership and boards given the increasing cost of business as usual?
– How to unpack the true ESG debate, to understand the fundamentals versus public market noise?
– What Sustainability and ClimateTech opportunities are created by the energy transition?
– How to achieve systems-level change for sustainable and transformative innovation (versus ineffective surface-level point solutions)?
– How can organizations approach ecosystem innovation through Business Models-as-a-System (BMaaS)?
– How will industries intersect, converge, then emerge in the next era of digital disruption?
– Why is Space becoming the financial frontier as an investment theme, more than just a place?
– What are the next-order implications as the center of gravity shifts to Asia and Africa?

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Details of Volume IV – “Disruption as a Springboard to Value Creation”
Publisher: Disruptive Futures Institute LLC
Language: English
Paperback: 670 pages
ISBN: 978-1-955110-06-8 (print)
ISBN: 978-1-955110-07-5 (eBook)

About the Disruptive Futures Institute, the World’s Capital for Understanding Disruption:
The San Francisco-based Disruptive Futures Institute is a Think Tank offering education, research, and thought leadership on adapting to our increasingly complex and uncertain world. From boardrooms to policymakers, the Disruptive Futures Institute helps organizations reinvent governance systems and decision-making for resilience through futures intelligence capacity building. The Disruptive Futures Institute educates through executive education, masterclasses and publications across:
– Foresight Strategy & Futures Studies
– Complexity & Systems Thinking
– Climate Foresight & Sustainable Value Creation
– Artificial Intelligence, Emerging & Exponential Technologies
– Transformative Innovation, Design Thinking & Science Fiction
– Philosophy & Zen Buddhism.

About the Collection:
The Definitive Guide to Thriving on Disruption is the bestselling four-Volume Collection published by the Disruptive Futures Institute:
– Volume I: FOUNDATIONS – Reframing and Navigating Disruption: How to make sense of our complex, nonlinear, and unpredictable world.
– Volume II: FRAMEWORKS – Essential Frameworks for Disruption and Uncertainty: Practical frameworks to help you and your business stay relevant in the 21st century.
– Volume III: YOUR LIFE – Beta Your Life: Existence in a Disruptive World: What does constant change and uncertainty mean to you as an individual?
– Volume IV: YOUR BUSINESS – Disruption as a Springboard to Value Creation: What does our unpredictable, complex, and systemic world mean for you as a business?

About the Authors:
Roger Spitz is an international bestselling author, President of Techistential (Climate & Foresight Strategy), and Chair of the Disruptive Futures Institute. Based in San Francisco, Roger sits on several Advisory Boards of companies, Climate Councils, VC funds & academic institutions worldwide. Roger is an inaugural member of Cervest’s Climate Intelligence Council, a contributor to IEEE’s ESG standards, and the Foresight & Sustainability partner of Vektor Partners (Palo Alto, London), an impact VC firm investing in the future of mobility. Roger developed the Disruptive Futures Institute into a preeminent global executive education center that helps organizations build capacity for futures intelligence, resiliency, and systemic change. Roger is also an industry-recognized expert advisor, writer, and speaker on Artificial Intelligence.

Dr. Lidia Zuin, who collaborated on the publication, is a journalist, researcher in emerging technologies, science fiction writer, and professional futurist. Lidia holds a PhD in Visual Arts and a Master’s Degree in Semiotics. She publishes regular columns on global emerging trends and has presented several TED talks. Originally from São Paulo in Brazil, Lidia was head of Innovation & Futures at UP Lab and professor at Istituto Europeo di Design, teaching “Foresight & Futures Studies: Exponential Technologies” in their post-graduate Strategic Design & Innovation program. She moved to Malmö, Sweden, in 2022, where she is a technical writer with technology leader Neo4j.


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