Teramind Prevents Insider Threats Combining New Data Loss Prevention Features with User Behavior Analytics & Forensic Insights

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – APRIL 16, 2018 – Teramind Inc. (RSA booth #5110), a provider of insider threat solutions, today announced a new approach to data loss prevention that will continue to help organizations from healthcare to banking, legal, energy and customer service teams and more address their internal cyber security and data breach vulnerabilities. Teramind brings organizations the latest in preventional security software after another year of global data breaches. The new software features a comprehensive platform that combines technology supporting traditional data loss prevention (DLP) software capabilities coupled with behavioral data analytics. This unique approach brings forth the next generation of forensic insight to keep companies’ data safe.

“When data is left unguarded, it’s not a matter of if a data breach will happen, but when it will happen. One of the major opportunities to lose your sensitive corporate data lies with your insiders. Behind every user’s action is the potential for monetary loss and a devalued company reputation. Insider, in security jargon, refers to anyone who has privileged access to sensitive data inside your organization: employees to vendors and even business owners themselves,” said Isaac Kohen, CEO of Teramind.

Teramind provides a user-centric security approach to monitor employee behavior, with software that streamlines employee data collection in order to identify suspicious activity, detect possible threats, monitor employee efficiency, and ensure industry compliance. Teramind’s new file anti-exfiltration analysis combined with the software’s traditional DLP software capabilities and behavioral data analytics brings forth a stronger layer of protection against data breaches. File anti-exfiltration analysis targets and tags sensitive file repositories as well as sensitive content.

“Data protection is preserved throughout multiple file transformations – encryption, compression, or partial extraction – allowing the user to preserve sensitive data in all forms of data transit. Industries across verticals from business to healthcare and government now have a fighting chance to prevent insider threats as if an attempted breach occurs, the software’s full indexing and video recording allows the administrator to have concrete forensic evidence of these flagged events,” Kohen noted.

A few use cases for Teramind’s preventative approach to insider threats are below:

–        As just one area of compliance, financial institutions have access to millions of customers’ personally identifiable information (PII) as well as self developed intellectual property. The first step in securing this sensitive data is understanding who has access to it, then monitoring those access points for changes in behavior. Teramind secures sensitive PII data against insider threats by permitting for risk-based rules to define and identify high risk behavior by users within a financial organization. Through user analytics, managers identify the data that’s most important and understand its risk. From a dashboard, one can see all their data and receive ‘alerts’ in real-time when a profiled behavior triggers it. Teramind’s full video playback and customized alerts meet PCI DSS compliance requirements.

–        Customer service departments and contact centers deal with vast amounts of information on a daily basis. As one example scenario, a malicious criminal gains access to an upper manager’s personal Google email account. An email is sent to an employee down the ranks, and the email asks for information on a high-profile client to be downloaded from the company server and sent to the gmail account. Luckily, the file anti-exfiltration analysis functionality allowed administrators to tag this sensitive high-profile client’s data. Once the system caught that the tagged information was in movement, measures could be taken quickly to intercept.

Visit the home page of http://www.teramind.co to view a live dashboard or sign up for a free cloud trial version. Teramind also offers a partner program, which offers best-in-class user activity monitoring. Teramind is focused on helping VARs, resellers and MSPs to grow their bottom line and expand their reach by adding Teramind cloud or on-premises endpoint monitoring and security platform to their portfolios. The company provides hands-on training for staff and provides customers with first-level support. Teramind also offers recurring revenue opportunities for referrals as well as white-labeled solutions.

Teramind’s blog, IT Security Central, offers an industry insights and analysis for busy IT and security professionals, and recently published the infographic “Steps to Beat the Insider Threat in 2018”, which is available to be downloaded by clicking here.

About Teramind

Teramind provides an employee monitoring and insider threat prevention platform that detects, records, and prevents, malicious user behavior in addition to helping teams to drive productivity and efficiency. Their software is available in both cloud-based and on-premise deployment options to meet any organization’s requirements. Companies from enterprises to small businesses across the globe utilize Teramind’s software. For more information, visit http://www.teramind.co. Follow Teramind on Twitter @teramindco.