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Engaged teams increase profitability and improve employee retention.

TeamBonding offers 125+ virtual, in person and hybrid team building activities, including popular holiday-themed favorites.

Charitable team building activities are a fun way to come together as a team, while making a difference in the community.

TeamBonding provides the resources businesses need to combat employee turnover, keep employees engaged, improve collaboration, and increase productivity.

TeamBonding events are designed to get teams working and playing together. A world leader in employee engagement, we are at the forefront of best practices and the cutting edge of experience design.”

— David Goldstein, CEO and Creator of Opportunities

STOUGHTON, MA, USA, October 14, 2021 / — As we approach the two-year mark of the pandemic, there is a glaring realization – team culture looks different these days. There is a need more than ever to connect on a personal level. Virtual meetings and remote working locations have changed how relationships are built and personal interactions occur. TeamBonding has evolved as the industry-leading experts for creating thriving team cultures, with multi-faceted team building resources and solutions for corporate leaders, event planners, and employees themselves.

The cultural and structural shift in the workplace has caused a loss of face-to-face and social interaction. These seemingly inconsequential exchanges were the invisible oil that kept the metaphorical machine, or team, running smoothly. As businesses continue to adjust into a virtual and hybrid world, it has become clear how critical these exchanges are. Gallup’s 2021 State of the Global Workplace report shows that stress levels have reached a record high across the world, with the highest rates in the U.S. and Canada, while Dynamic Signal reports that 80% of employees in the U.S. point to ineffective company communication as the leading cause for their stress. Workplace stress can escalate toxic work environments, decrease engagement and productivity, and cause drastic surges in employee turnover rates, as seen with the Great Resignation. TeamBonding helps businesses re-engage teams, while improving communication and collaboration, to ultimately decrease employee turnover.

In 2020, TeamBonding was recognized as one of the nation’s fastest growing private companies by Inc. 5000. Since the start of the pandemic, the company has introduced 50+ virtual and hybrid activities to their team building roster, in addition to their extensive list of in person events. In 2021, they launched season two of their podcast, Team Building Saves the World, hosting team building and workplace culture experts to educate and share perspectives. Guests have included well-known names such as Robert Glazer, founder and CEO of Acceleration Partners, and Angela Lussier, founder and CEO of Speaker Sisterhood. The TeamBonding blog offers a constant flow of thought leadership, including guidance on planning holiday events for teams, articles on team building, and proven tactics for improving communication and resilience in the workplace.

The need to strengthen communication and collaboration amongst teams comes to light as businesses continue to adapt to remote working arrangements, creating a high demand for virtual team building activities. In 2020, the TeamBonding team quickly pivoted to offer their team building events virtually; as time progressed the company has not only embraced virtual team building – they have perfected the art of it. Offering popular activities such as the Ultimate Virtual Holiday Party and reindeer racing, as well as premium kits shipped to participants to create gingerbread houses and holiday-themed cocktails as team, TeamBonding’s incomparable event managers and facilitators custom design every experience to each team’s unique needs.

As the holiday season approaches, TeamBonding expects to surpass last year’s record-breaking numbers. This is the first year the company will be offering virtual events alongside in-person events, which has already led to significant growth. The company exceeded the number of events held this past September by 25% in comparison to the same time frame in 2019, before the pandemic.

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