Systel’s ESN Control Rooms Becoming 3GPP MCX-Capable through Softil’s Enabling Technology

Nicolas Bottero, Systel CEO

Pierre Hagendorf, CEO, Softil: The ESN network will ultimately see a plethora of MCX systems and devices being used by first responder agencies

UK’s Home Office demands standards-based mission-critical capability for all ESN communications control room solutions

We chose Softil’s MCX-enabling technology to quickly develop and subsequently deploy our next generation operational control room solutions in the shortest timeframe and at least development cost”

— Nicolas Bottero, CEO, Systel

AYTRE, FRANCE, August 31, 2021 / — In a drive to enhance public safety agency communications, SYSTEL (Systèmes & Télécommunications SA), a French and UK based provider of communications systems and products to civil security forces, and the world’s leading mission-critical communications (MCX/MCC) solutions enabler Softil, today jointly announce that Softil’s BEEHD technology will be used to upgrade Systel’s control room solutions to connect to the ESN’s MCX network.

The next generation 3GPP compliant solutions are destined for use by first responders (ambulance, fire and police agencies) in Britain’s new Emergency Service Network critical communications system (ESN).

“Systel aims to provide Britain’s civil security agencies with the most advanced MCX-enabled control room systems possible,” says Nicolas Bottero, Systel’s CEO. “We chose Softil’s MCX-enabling technology to quickly and easily develop and subsequently deploy our next generation operational control room solutions in the shortest timeframe and at least development cost.”

Pierre Hagendorf, Softil’s CEO, comments, “The ESN network will ultimately see a plethora of MCX systems and devices being used by first responder agencies and users and it is essential that all are 3GPP standards compliant and hence interoperable. Systel’s control room solutions will quickly become 3GPP compliant and interoperable with the ESN network using Softil’s BEEHD MCX-enabling technology.”

He adds: “Softil’s development team is now working closely with Systel’s to ensure the fastest possible deployment of Systel’s upgrade to their control rooms on the ESN network.”

The UK’s Home Office is leading a cross-government programme to deliver the new Emergency Services Network (ESN) critical communications system. This will replace the current Airwave service used by the emergency services in Great Britain (England, Wales and Scotland) and transform how they operate.

Based on 3GPP mission-critical communications standards, ESN, powered by Motorola MCX servers, will transmit fast, safe and secure voice, video and data across the 4G network and give first responders immediate access to life-saving data, images and information in live situations and emergencies on the frontline.

There are 300,000 frontline emergency service users who will depend on ESN, using handheld devices or operating equipment in 45,000 vehicles, 66 aircraft and more than 100 control rooms.

Softil’s technology is fully interoperable with the current ESN MCX network delivering full Push-to-talk (MCPTT), data messaging and location management capabilities. This will also provide a platform for the delivery of future enhancements such as video and file transfer.

Softil’s BEEHD is a 3GPP MCX Release 16 standard-compliant cross-platform framework (SDK) designed for developers and manufacturers of handheld and ruggedized devices, MCX/LMR gateways, dispatch consoles, recording solutions and train/metro communication equipment. BEEHD technology is also destined for system integrators, MCX application developers and service providers looking to accelerate the development of IP-based mission-critical voice and video over LTE and 5G (MCPTT, MCVideo, MCData) solutions for first responders, utilities, mining, transportation and more.

LTE and 5G offer broadband mobile connectivity that keeps evolving, allowing more freedom and flexibility to deliver data and video which TETRA or P25 based networks can only deliver in very limited fashion. Mobile operators, mobile device manufacturers and application developers can now offer enhanced MCX communication tools as help to first responders in their battle to save lives.

About Softil

Softil is the leading enabler of IP communications solutions for mission-critical telecommunications products and services. Softil’s BEEHD framework (SDK) is the key enabling technology behind a wide range of 3GPP MCX mission-critical communication solutions, devices, and products, as well as rich media applications for Enterprise and IMS/VoLTE. With more than 800 major corporations across the globe as customers, Softil’s many technological achievements include the pioneering of Voice and Video over IP, combining its unique expertise in standards-based signaling, multimedia and IMS. Softil’s award-winning suite of Protocol Stacks includes IMS, Diameter, SIP, MSRP, and others. Softil enabling technologies ensure simplified development and earliest roll-out of new products to market. Visit

About Systel

Established more than 35 years ago, Systel became one of the main players of ICCS (Integrated Communication Control System) in France and the UK providing solutions and systems to manage major territorial and national high-risk situations. On the ground, our products meet the operational and technical requirements of civil security forces (fire and ambulance agencies) with emphasis placed on operation efficiency and simplicity. In France alone, Systel’s products take more than 7.5 million calls during 1.5 million operations each year involving more than 100,000 first responders. Visit


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