SolBox’s Innovative Green Campaign Links Logistics Solutions with Environmental Action

SYDNEY, NEW SOUTH WALES, AUSTRALIA, April 22, 2024 / — SolBox, a leader in logistics optimization solutions, has reiterated its support to its reforestation efforts in partnership with Evertreen, which has been ongoing for over six months. This campaign, deeply committed to sustainability and corporate responsibility pledges to plant a tree for every successful deployment of their solutions. SolBox considers its sustainability goals as the key drive behind their vision, as stated by Founder and CEO Lawrence Micalizzi “We strongly believe in giving back to our planet through our ability to help logistics related businesses to do more with less, and offset what they can through our initiative with Evertreen and our industry leading logistics optimisation technology. Digital transformations and reducing carbon footprint isn’t an overnight feat, but we know for sure the grass is greener where you water it” this emphasizes the cultural importance of this initiative, underlining its strong connection to the company’s core values of innovation and environmental responsibility.

SolBox is proud to have reached its goal of planting 1000 trees by Earth Day 2024, contributing to the carbon offset targets for the company and valued costumers on the platform. “Here at SolBox, our philosophy goes beyond improving logistics with advanced technology; it involves a comprehensive commitment to sustainable and ethical business practices,” states Founder Lawrence Micalizzi. The campaign is a clear representation of the company dedication to integrating these values into their everyday operations. For every new client engagement and solution deployment, Solbox will plant a tree, highlighting the dual commitment to nurturing both client success and environmental health.

This initiative supports environmental action, as a critical part of the company’s strategy to blend logistical excellence with ecological care. SolBox Management views the environment as a crucial stakeholder in operations, and through this initiative they are committed to strive to lead the way in how companies can prosper while positively impacting the world.

Dan Ciufo, CEO and Co-founder of Evertreen, expressed her enthusiasm for the partnership with SolBox, reinforcing their shared goal of advancing a more sustainable future. “We are glad to partner with SolBox to promote environmental sustainability and support community initiatives. This collaboration demonstrates our ongoing commitment to impactful change, and we look forward to our continued efforts together.”

SolBox: Pioneering Smart Logistics with an Environmental Focus

SolBox is at the forefront of logistics technology, providing robust solutions that streamline operations and increase efficiency across various industries. Committed to forging partnerships that drive business success, SolBox utilizes technology and a broad network to tailor logistics solutions that meet the strategic needs and challenges of its clients.

Evertreen: At the Forefront of Environmental Preservation

Evertreen is focused on fighting deforestation and enhancing environmental sustainability through its tree-planting and conservation initiatives. By partnering with organizations like Solbox, Evertreen seeks to leverage collective efforts and corporate responsibility to forge a more sustainable world.

Companies interested in supporting Evertreen’s mission can get involved by participating in tree-planting projects or contributing to reforestation efforts. Through cooperation and shared dedication, Evertreen envisions a future where every tree planted helps sustain a healthier planet for future generations.

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