Sentinel Labs: China’s Cyber Revenge | Why the PRC Fails to Back Its Claims of Western Espionage

Report from Sentinel Labs:

  • China launched an offensive media strategy to push narratives around US hacking operations following a joint statement by the US, UK, and EU in July 2021 about China’s irresponsible behavior in cyberspace.
  • Some PRC cybersecurity companies now coordinate report publication with government agencies and state media to amplify their impact.
  • Allegations of US hacking operations by China lack crucial technical analysis to validate their claims. Until 2023, these reports recycled old, leaked US intelligence documents. After mid-2023, the PRC dropped pretense of technical validation and only released allegations in state media.
  • The cyber-focused media campaign preceded the 2023 efforts of China’s Ministry of State Security to disclose accounts of western spying in the PRC.

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