Revolutionary Medical Breakthrough: Donald Spector Patents the First-of-its-Kind Customized Anti-Cancer Device

Lisa Pamintuan, President,

Donald Spector, Co-Founder

…it brings hope of saving millions of lives. The device revolutionizes treatment plans by significantly cutting down treatment timeline and tailoring treatments to each patient.””

— Lisa Pamintuan

JUPITER, FLORIDA, USA, August 22, 2023/ — Renowned inventor and pioneering mind, Donald Spector, has been issued a groundbreaking patent (,737,644), marking another significant stride in the medical field. The U.S. patent, which will be made public on August 29th, 2023, relates to a cutting-edge medical device specifically designed to expedite and customize treatment of cancer and other pathogenic masses.

The surgical device, an advanced evolution of the endoscopic technology, is equipped with two distinct chambers. One houses pre-collected T cells, while the other is designed to execute a biopsy on the pathogenic mass. But this is where the similarities to traditional procedures end.

Infusing next-generation telecommunications technology with superior biomedical innovation, this device not only analyzes the collected biopsy but also combines it with a specialized virus capable of carrying a targeted payload. This is then mixed with the activated T cells from the adjacent chamber and released back into the mass.

This extraordinary mechanism triggers an immediate offensive against the pathogenic mass right from the point of biopsy, utilizing a “customized magic bullet” specific to patient’s activated T cells. This also expedites the process of creating future injections for patients, eliminating the need for complex and lengthy medical procedures.

Lisa Pamintuan, President of Intellectual Properties International Holdings, Inc. (, expressed, “Donald Spector, whose noteworthy inventions include the use of LEDs for eliminating airborne pathogens and a multitude of medical and consumer product breakthroughs, has paved opening for several billion-dollar industries. We firmly believe that this patent will not just bring substantial revenue for, but more importantly, it brings hope of saving millions of lives. The device revolutionizes treatment plans by significantly cutting down treatment timeline and tailoring treatments to each patient.”

Indeed, with Spector’s invention, a paradigm shift in the treatment of cancer and pathogenic masses has been set into motion. This represents a beacon of hope for countless patients and potentially a new benchmark for the medical world.

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