Recruiting for Good Launches The Recruiting Co-Op to Generate Proceeds for Members

Members participate in Recruiting for Good’s referral program to earn proceeds in the staffing industry

Not all recruiters are created equal some of us work for GOOD. Let Recruiting for Good represent and help you land a job to use your talent for good.

Let Recruiting for Good Represent You…Land Sweet Job landsweetjob makepositiveimpact

Staffing agency Recruiting for Good launches a Co-Op to continuously generate proceeds for members who successfully participate in meaningful referral program.

We’re grateful to use recruiting for good; and reward our Co+Op Members for GOOD!”

— Carlos Cymerman, Sweet Founder, Recruiting for Good

SANTA MONICA, CA, UNITED STATES, December 30, 2022 / — Recruiting for Good (R4G) is a forward thinking staffing agency in LA delivering companies sweet employment solutions by finding talented professionals and generating proceeds to make a positive impact.

It’s Another Sweet Day in USA, Recruiting for Good launches The Recruiting Co+Op.

According to Carlos Cymerman, Sweet Founder of Recruiting for Good “We’re celebrating Recruiting for Good’s 25th Anniversary by launching The Recruiting Co+Op; that values members who successfully participate in our meaningful referral program by generating proceeds on their behalf!”

How The Recruiting Co+Op Works

1. Co+Op members make referrals enabling Recruiting for Good to generate proceeds by delivering staffing solutions to companies. Every time a fulltime hire is made, and Recruiting for Good earns a finder’s fee; Co+Op member earns 5% of finder’s fee (typically $1,000).

2. Co+Op Members who refer a second company to Recruiting for Good; earn 10% of monies earned (from finder’s fees for fulltime hires).

3. Members can create a group that participates together in The Recruiting Co+Op.

To Join The Recruiting Co+Op email Sara(at)RecruitingforGood(dot)com, serving Southern California residents.


To celebrate 25 years in business, Recruiting for Good is launching The Recruiting Co+Op to generate proceeds on behalf of members who successfully participate in our referral program. To learn more visit

Since 1998, staffing agency Recruiting for Good has been delivering sweet employment solutions by helping companies find and hire talented professionals they love; in Accounting/Finance, Engineering, Information Technology, Marketing, and Operations. And R4G generates proceeds to make a positive impact.

Candidates and Companies Help Recruiting for Good make a positive impact 20% of our proceeds fund our sweet work programs preparing kids for life to learn more visit Hire The Best Talent Today and Make a Positive Impact landsweetjob makepositiveimpact

Since 2020, Recruiting for Good has been funding and running The Sweetest Gigs for Talented Kids (a meaningful work program); teaching sweet skills, success habits and positive values that prepare them for life.

Our Sweet Mission is to teach kids sweet skills, success habits, and positive values that will prepare them for a fun fulfilling life.

Recruiting for Good has been creating and funding The Sweetest Gigs for the last three years. We are now taking the gigs into the community, by creating meaningful parties for talented foodie boys and girls who love creative writing and their mom. On our gigs, kids quickly learn “There are NO Free lunches in life…but when you put a little effort you will always…Party for GOOD!”

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