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TranzActCard! is a cutting-edge Visa Debit-Card, which is backed by the FDIC, and provides its’ unmatched customers rewards, shopping benefits and true freedoms

TranzActCard! truly is the future and you can now tap into its power today; engage now!”

— Scott Gardner

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, September 16, 2023/ — Introducing TranzactCard (also known as TranzactCard!), a brand that revolutionizes financial growth for individuals and families. By utilizing TranzactCard, consumers not only benefit personally but also contribute to the community’s expansion and the collective financial momentum (Finmo).

TranzactCard is widely accepted, just like Visa, enabling users to make purchases anywhere. Each transaction made with TranzactCard automatically generates a corresponding digital credit called Z-Buck. These Z-Bucks have a one-to-one value with dollars and can be redeemed within TranzactCard’s Z-Club. This exclusive club opens a gateway to enhance the purchasing power and foster savings for every cardholder.

As a proud member of TranzactCard, users experience a doubling of their buying power and witness the growth of their long-term savings with every swipe. Prepare for a groundbreaking transformation in banking as we Unleash the Power of Spending with TranzactCard.

Introducing TranzactCard: a cutting-edge Visa® debit card that empowers users to maximize their earnings with every transaction. Solid Financial Technologies, Inc., in collaboration with partner banks and under a Visa license, provides top-notch banking and card services to TranzactCard holders. Why Choose TranzactCard? Discover the compelling advantages of TranzactCard at .

TranzactCard is a game-changing debit card that combines unparalleled convenience, robust security, and exclusive premium rewards. With TranzactCard, customers gain access to a vast network of global merchants, enabling them to make everyday purchases effortlessly. Moreover, TranzactCard elevates the user experience by offering a rewards program typically associated with credit cards, allowing users to enjoy enticing benefits with every swipe. Say goodbye to compromising between convenience and rewards—TranzactCard has it all.

TranzactCard stands out for its exceptional premium rewards program, delivering substantial advantages to cardholders. With every transaction, users have the opportunity to earn valuable points that can be redeemed for an array of enticing rewards. Whether it’s vouchers, merchandise, or gift cards, TranzactCard allows customers to amplify their spending power by unlocking valuable rewards on their everyday purchases.

Moreover, TranzactCard places a strong emphasis on security, ensuring peace of mind for its users. Equipped with cutting-edge chip technology, the card offers advanced protection against fraudulent activities and unauthorized access. Engaging in online transactions is also secure and worry-free with TranzactCard’s robust security features. Additionally, the user-friendly mobile app enhances the overall experience, providing customers with real-time transaction notifications, valuable spending insights, and effortless account management capabilities.

In summary, TranzactCard presents an enticing solution for individuals seeking the convenience and control of a debit card while still enjoying the perks of a premium rewards program. It strikes the perfect balance, offering a seamless fusion of financial benefits and security measures.

TranzactCard’s technology is powered by Artificial Learning, propelling constant enhancements in software, apps, APIs, fraud protection, and the security of financial and personal data. This technological foundation revolves around three exclusive systems and principles: smart analysis, automation, and knowledge discovery. Together, these elements empower data-driven decision-making, enabling the creation of targeted marketing and service delivery campaigns. The ultimate aim is to provide each member with a convenient, seamless, intuitive, secure, and enjoyable shopping and financial experience.

Tranzact aims to extend the advantages of its ecosystem to all individuals. As a financial technology company, TranzactCard distinguishes itself from traditional banks. Presently, TranzactCard’s banking services are offered in collaboration with partner banks affiliated with Solid Financial Technologies, Inc., who are recognized as Members of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). The current Card Services are issued by Solid Financial Technologies, Inc.’s partner banks under a Visa® license. It is important to note that participating in the TranzactCard opportunity, which is currently in the pre-launch phase, entails certain risks, opportunities, and regulatory supervision.

FDIC Insured. The checking accounts offered through our banking services are provided by partner banks affiliated with Solid Financial Technologies, Inc., and are Members of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). Power Earn: TranzactCard users can earn Z-Bucks every time they use their card. Power Spend: Enjoy the benefits of Z-Bucks and Z-Club. Power Save: Take advantage of TranzactUp, TranzactBack, and look forward to the upcoming Z-Forward feature. ATMs: Access an account across the United States free of charge through the national MoneyPass® Network. To get started, please visit:

About Scott Gardner:
A Trailblazer in Entrepreneurship and Firefighting, a visionary entrepreneur, business-college degree graduate, and financial services expert, has left an indelible mark on the world with his relentless pursuit of success and his unwavering commitment to serving the community. Throughout his illustrious career, he has demonstrated remarkable versatility and an uncanny ability to adapt to new challenges, leading him to establish a thriving furniture manufacturing company before ultimately following his true passion and venturing into the world of ‘firefighting.’

Mr. Gardner was born and raised in a small town where his entrepreneurial spirit was ignited at a young age. From his early days, he exhibited an insatiable curiosity and an innate desire to make a difference. After completing his business-college degree, he embarked on a journey to forge his own path in the business world. Armed with a solid foundation in financial services, he set out to establish his own enterprise. Gardner’s first venture was a furniture manufacturing company, which quickly gained recognition for its exceptional craftsmanship and innovative designs. Through his impeccable leadership and unwavering dedication, the company flourished, capturing the attention of industry experts and customers alike. Under Gardner’s guidance, the company reached unprecedented heights, becoming a formidable player in the furniture market.

However, despite his remarkable success in the business world, Mr. Gardner felt an unrelenting longing to serve his community and make a more tangible difference in people’s lives. It was during a chance encounter with a ‘Regional Fire Company’ that he discovered his true calling. Witnessing the courage and selflessness of firefighters, Gardner was inspired to channel his entrepreneurial skills towards creating a firefighting business that would revolutionize the industry. Further fueled by his passion for firefighting, he set out to develop cutting-edge technologies and solutions that would enhance the safety-and-effectiveness of firefighting operations. Through tireless research, development, and experimentation, he pioneered innovative firefighting equipment, including advanced fire-camp water delivery systems, state-of-the-art vehicles, and innovative camp shelter designs.

Mr. Gardner’s firefighting equipment quickly gained recognition for its unwavering commitment to excellence and its game-changing contributions to the field. Firefighters across the INTERMOUNTAIN, ten plus state REGION benefited from his revolutionary solutions, recognizing the profound impact they had on saving lives and protecting communities. Gardner’s contributions became synonymous with innovation, reliability, and unwavering dedication to the noble cause of firefighting. Beyond his entrepreneurial pursuits, he remains deeply committed to philanthropy and community service. Gardner actively supports numerous charitable organizations dedicated to fire-prevention, fire safety-education, and the overall well-being of firefighters and their families. His tireless efforts to give back have earned him widespread admiration and respect from both the firefighting community and the public at large.

Today, Scott Gardner stands as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs and community leaders alike. His remarkable journey from the world of finance to furniture manufacturing and ultimately firefighting underscores the power of following one’s passion and never settling for mediocrity. Through his entrepreneurial prowess and unwavering dedication to service, Mr. Gardner has not only built successful businesses but also saved lives and has made a lasting impact on society. As he continues to push the boundaries of innovation and service, there is no doubt that Scott Gardner’s legacy will endure, inspiring future generations to dream big, pursue their passions, and create a lasting positive change in the world. Gardner has recently retired to work full-time with Tranzactcard believing wholeheartedly that the Tranzactcard rewards programs can benefit not only firefighters but everyone.

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(Banking with a Positive Social Impact)
TranzactCard revolutionizes banking by empowering users with double purchasing power, all without the need for income increments. Through our online marketplace, we strive to make everyday products and services significantly more affordable, catering to the needs of everyone. Tranzact is recognized as a private and secure banking system that offers a range of exclusive benefits. By collaborating with banking fee structures and manufacturer distribution systems, TranzactCard restructures profits and pricing, ultimately driving down the cost of products and services. While the underlying processes may seem complex, we ensure a seamless experience for our consumers.

-The Z-Club: TranzactCard’s online marketplace offers card members enhanced savings and value.

-Z-Store: Discover exceptional deals and savings at our exclusive Z-Store. Use a combination of cash and Z-Bucks to take advantage of TranzactCard deals.

-Flash Sales: Act quickly to secure limited-time offers. Check back frequently for new opportunities. (Z-Bucks redemption only)

-Inflation Hedge: As the cost of goods rises, so does the value of Z-Bucks. Economic cycles may vary, but spending power remains constant.

Please note that the products showcased here are currently not available in the Z-Club. They are displayed for illustrative purposes only. As we progress through the beta phase towards launch, the Z-Club will continue to expand, undergo testing, and refinement. Z-Bucks are utilized to reduce the retail price of products and services within the Z-Club as they become accessible.

Power Spend: Unlock Double the Buying Power
“Are existing rewards programs delivering valuable rewards? Don’t think so. That’s why Tranzact introduces Power Spend: embrace simplicity: every time one uses a TranzactCard for everyday purchases, they will earn a matching Z-Buck for every $1 spent. Z-Bucks can be redeemed within TranzactCard’s Z-Club for a wide range of items, from everyday essentials to exclusive vacation packages.” – Scott Gardner

“If you’re not yet ready to commit, I recommend waiting until after the official launch to become part of this impactful community. The official launch is scheduled for November 2023. During the pre-launch phase, certain features of TranzactCard are still in beta and undergoing development. For instance, the TranzactCard Member Referral Program and Influencer Program will be introduced as part of the official launch in November 2023.| – Scott Gardner

Z-Club is undergoing continuous expansion, testing, and refinement as we progress through the beta phase towards the official launch. Z-Bucks play a crucial role in reducing the retail price of products and services within the Z-Club as they become available. Please note that travel-related products and services are not currently accessible in the Z-Club.

At present, the TranzactCard income opportunity does not operate as a franchise. However, TranzactCard is actively in the process of registering as a franchise offering in all 50 U.S. states.

It’s important to acknowledge that the ( website provides forward-looking information, and there are no guarantees that the company’s business development, projects, and contractual relationships will materialize exactly as projected.

It is important for everyone to conduct their own thorough research and exercise caution when considering this presentation or any forward-looking information. TranzactCard does not provide any guarantees or representations regarding income potential, and individuals should refrain from making any income-related claims when discussing TranzactCard with others. The success of a Digital Branch Office (DBO) is influenced by various factors, including but not limited to the individual’s skill set, level of effort, and personal drive to succeed.

The Team: TranzactCard boasts a seasoned team of experienced entrepreneurs and C-suite professionals who bring a wealth of expertise in various domains. Their backgrounds encompass banking and financial technologies, product sourcing and contracting, e-commerce and financial technologies, marketing and business development, complementary currencies and blockchain, artificial intelligence, social media, branding, and more.

The Why? Although the TranzactCard experience is crafted by a dedicated and talented team, it is worth highlighting that all this expertise and commitment revolve around the vision and passion of our chairman, Richard Smith. Over decades of contemplation and hard work, our philosophy on banking, product value, service delivery, and the dignity of the individual has been meticulously developed. In a recent interview, our chairman eloquently captures the essence of that philosophy.

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